TLC Promise Me – Nuffnangers’ Pledges Fulfilled!

Hey Nuffnangers, remember TLC’s Promise Me campaign we told you about a few months ago in this post? The campaign has officially ended, but we think it’s safe to say that the effect the campaign has had on our hearts will be staying for a very long time.

In our previous post, we mentioned that five big-hearted Nuffnangers each undertook a pledge to help out a person in need. We’re very proud to say that the bloggers involved not only fulfilled their respective pledges; they went above and beyond what was initially pledged! In case you missed it, here’s a recap on the progress of each of the pledges:
Nothing beats shopping and getting new clothes for ultimate girly bonding time, and that’s what did for Mdm Chan Ching Ming. With a little bit of help from sponsor Mimpikita, she got Mdm Chan a gorgeous, tailor-made blouse, and also took Mdm Chan and daughter Cathy for a girls’ day out at Pavilion KL, complete with a visit to a hair salon! excitedly tells us about the day out here: pledged to help little Nazhim learn to ride a bike, and boy, was the little tyke a fast learner! Thanks to the generosity of her blog readers, not only managed to raise enough funds to buy Nazhim a bike, she went back after her pledge was fulfilled to give Rumah Aman much-needed food and groceries with the excess from the donations. You can read about little Nazhim’s first bike-riding lesson here:
The pledge was to help Mdm Lily Sin get a new pair of multi-focal glasses, and again, it wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of the public. With the help of optical shop Optimal and hair salon Gracesalon, got Mdm Lily Sin a pretty new pair of multi-focal glasses AND a posh hair makeover to boot! Read about how meeting Mdm Lily Sin touched at her blog post here:
Stroke survivor Mr Kau Tan Chong needed an ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) to help rehabilitation, and so stepped up to the challenge. With the generous support of blog readers and car-detailing shop Shine N Shield, raised RM 788 through a charity car wash and other cash donations! It was enough to purchase a custom AFO instead of an off-the-shelf version as originally planned. Read’s account of the exhausting but exhilarating car wash here:
Perhaps one of the most inspiring stories,’s pledge tells the story of how total strangers came together and contributed funds for a hospital bed. The original pledge was just to raise enough funds for one hospital bed for bed-ridden Goo Thyn Tong, but because of the astounding generosity of the public, managed to get not one, not two, but THREE hospital beds for Goo and two others at the Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children’s Association of Johor! writes about meeting Goo and chronicles the pouring in of donations in this post:

And there you have it – 5 heart-warming stories of how a few Nuffnangers made a difference in people’s lives. You might’ve noticed that none of the pledges involved amounts of money donated that’ll make you go HOLY UNAGI SASHIMI, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s often the little things with some thought and care put into it that’ll make someone’s day, and puts it best when she said, “Being surrounded by so much kindness does make you view the world in a different light.”

Thank you to all of you who showed your support for this campaign by displaying charity banner ads for the campaign duration, and extra hugs for you if you chipped in to help any one of the bloggers above with their pledges in any way! We hope the stories above will inspire you to reach out and brighten someone’s day with a little gesture, and don’t forget to do your part for charity and reach for some TLC products the next time you go grocery shopping :) Their products are available in major retail outlets such as Giant, Cold Storage, Tesco, Jusco, Carrefour, 99 Speedmart and various independent chains.

For more information on the ‘Promise Me’ campaign, log on to

To find out more about how The Truly Loving Company supports worthy charitable causes, please visit

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
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