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Nuffnangers! Are you ready for a pimped up music experience with DiGi? If you love bopping to all the latest tunes and can’t live without your music collection on the go, this will brighten your day for sure.

DiGi is launching the DiGiMusic PLAY app for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS! It’s Malaysia’s first unlimited music download application, giving DiGi iPhone users a whole new music experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re into rock music and idolise Led Zeppelin, rap along to the hip hop beats of Eminem, adore sultry R&B crooners like Alicia Keys or (god forbid) emulate pop star Justin Bieber, there’s something for everyone. There’s no artiste or music genre you can’t find in DiGiMusic PLAY. The best thing is, you can get it all at the unbelievably low rate of just RM 5 a month!

All things new and fabulous from DiGi are always launched with a bang, and this is no exception. Nuffnangers, the Yellow Man wants you at the Pimp My Music party to celebrate the launch! Details of the party are as below:

Date: 11 November 2010 (Thursday)
Time: 7 pm
Venue: Velvet, Zouk

We know everybody loves dressing up for a party, so we’re giving you the chance to go all out for this one. We can’t have the hits without the superstars, so come dressed as your favourite celebrity from a music genre – you might be handsomely rewarded for it ;) Michael Jackson, 50 Cent, Lady Gaga, the possibilities are endless. Check out the prizes you stand to win:

Best dressed blogger: iPhone 3GS
Best post-event blog post: iPhone 3GS

Excited about Pimp My Music yet? Getting invites to the party is really easy, because all you have to do is;
– Send a tweet telling us who your favourite music celebrity is
– Include @NuffnangMY and #digiphone in your tweet
– After you have published your tweet, send in your entry by filling in the form below:

Oops! We could not locate your form.

The 60 most creative tweets with all criteria met will receive a single invite to Pimp My Music! Deadline for submissions is 11.59 pm, 9 November 2010 (Tuesday).

*Please refer to the image below on how to retrieve and submit your tweet permalink; we can’t process your entry if there is no valid tweet permalink submitted via this form!

There’s nothing that says “iWant, iGet unlimited music” like DiGiMusic, so get it from the iTunes App Store now and come celebrate the launch at Pimp My Music!

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. TikkoSS :

    Wow.. Sound like fun and happening.. Can’t wait.. just tweet !

    Gluck Happy People..

  2. ahm :

    wah hadiah iphone 3GS lagi?..menarik ni.. mcm nak joint je rasanya

  3. Kristle :

    awww… wish i’m in peninsular right now! sobs

  4. Anak Perak :

    Menarik ni. Just tweet jer

  5. toninkush :

    i submitted a second entry cause my first one’s too vague. i hope that’s fine.

  6. Aimi AZ :

    Sudah hantar. Check it out! :P

  7. Khalid Amin :

    Will join right after read this..

  8. Haiqal :!/haiqal3/status/406864730791936
    This is my tweet and good luck to all of you.XD

  9. shahroll photo :

    Cool party! i was sent permalink tweets! =D


  10. Che Armster :

    waa.. nice weh

  11. Muhammad Amirul Arif :


  12. kahmon :

    Haha.. submitted 2 but I prefer this!/Bendan_km/status/470020089978880


  13. aReaL :

    I Wanna See Xinxian@Fresh Dress Like Lady Gaga With Meat Dress Hehehe… Sent Mine Already…

  14. kak ina kl :

    Baru lepas tweet tweet.!/roslana_06/status/493458246606848

  15. Clon :

    Clubbing ah?

  16. Little Mama™ :

    waah.. dapat iPhone 3GS.. fantastic!

  17. yasmin :

    woah, i wish my next semester starts later! tak dapek lah wa nak gi…! *crying

  18. Dylan :

    A-Teens, S Club 7, Britney, BSB, NSync and the list goes on~ ’90s rawks!

  19. Mohd Zaid :

    i love Lady GAGA !! :)!/mohdzaid/status/570075383857153

  20. ahmadjo :

    already done.. hope i’m the lucky one! wish me luck dear..!

  21. Cweelee :

    twitted @!/Cweelee/status/610697545261056

  22. Ms & Mr Red Ribbon :

    Only for Churp2 member?

    This contest is open to all Nuffnangers, the Churp Churp image is just an example of how to retrieve and submit your permalink for your entry.

  23. cikAty :

    best nyer..rasa join je :)

  24. MuJE :

    wah, ni sumpah senang…hehe

  25. Ratu Sulaman :

    iphone 3g? oh oh, opportunity opportunity ni!!

  26. Ningxi :

    Why every exciting event is in KL? Share some in Penang please..

  27. Cik lily putih :

    sent already. waiting for good news

  28. MsXeRoZ : is my life!

  29. minkot :

    taknak masuk pun. just nak thanks nuffnang for the BE, tq soo much honey. really appreciate that, kalau ada lagi, add lah lagi…hehe

    btw, thanks. :D

  30. YEN :

    this is a wonderful opportunity! WOOTS! :D

  31. Rachel Koko :

    i luv Bruno Mars ! XD!/rachelkokonutz/status/1821036400082944

  32. sumijelly :

    bila nak dapat jemputan nie??
    tak sabar……………..hahahaha

  33. bluedianthus :

    Wow iPhone, but unfortunately cant make it there..

  34. shahroll photo :

    Wahhh.. akak Sumijelly nak pergi ke atau dah dapat tu.. huhu~ best2.. enjoy k! =D


  35. MuJE :

    hehe… tak sabar nak jumpe arctic monkeys!/munzirshafie/statuses/2016811608440832

  36. pnr0s :

    macam sangat menarik….

  37. safnisebiz :


    Know me at


  38. runwitme :

    How do we submit the post event entry?

  39. izfanora :

    hurm.. xfaham lah benda-benda nie.. bantuan..

  40. Bean Moreno :

    read my entry :

  41. TikkoSS :

    Hey all,

    My post event blog post is ready..

    Awesome party ! Thanks Nuffies and DiGi..


  42. shazika :

    that’s really cool

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