Get On Board, Stop Child Abuse

Here’s a little true/false exercise for you, Nuffnangers. Take a quick look at the following statements regarding child abuse, and tell us which ones you think are true, and which ones are false:

1. It’s only abuse if there is physical violence involved.
2. Only bad people abuse. Good people don’t.
3. Many children do not know their abusers.
4. Abused children will definitely grow up to be abusers.

All of the above statements are in fact, false. How many did you get correct?

A lot of false perceptions exist about child abuse, because it’s one of the problems we always hear about but is swept under the carpet. As the victims often don’t have the voice to speak up for themselves, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is launching the ‘Get on Board’ campaign to raise public awareness about the devastating effects of child abuse.

Lasting two months, the campaign rallies everybody with the call to ‘Raise your hand, Stop child abuse now!’ and aims to unite 100,000 Malaysians in time for the finale on Human Rights Day in December.

As a community, Nuffnangers have never failed to come together for a good cause as you’ve shown by helping Baby Ammar get the surgery he needed previously. It’s time to show everyone what Nuffnangers are made of again! In support of this campaign, Nuffnang will be running charity banner ads on our network from now till 30 November to raise awareness about child abuse and help speak out for the children.

If you wish to show your support for this campaign, you can choose to display charity banner ads on your blog during the campaign period by selecting “Show Charity Ads” under your Ads Preference in the Blog Manager. You’ll not be paid for displaying the charity ads, but it would really go a long way in spreading awareness about this campaign to all your friends, family and anybody who visits your blog. Also, if you wish to find out more about the campaign and be a part of it, log on to to find out more.

Raise your hand and stop child abuse now, Nuffnangers! Are you on board for this?

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. hamzah ian :

    yeah.. i support this..

  2. kamaryeah :

    how am i supposed to show my support on this??

    As shared above, you can show your support by displaying Charity Ads from now till end of November.

  3. akiss ferrero :

    yeah! for sure!

  4. Beatrice Grace Chan :


  5. Dayat :

    stop child abuse

  6. Ailyna :

    Hi, can I participate?

  7. sk55 :

    I am strongly against child abuse. I feel strongly about this subject as I am seventeen years old. I got the opportunity to make a video on this issue for class. My topic was sexual child abuse. Our best weapon against abuse is awareness. SO I would really appreciate if you guys could help me spread the word by watching the video and forwarding it to others. Feel free to share personal stories or our feelings on this issue .

    Here is the link:

  8. Nurul Hiqmah Nordin :

    on boarddddd!

  9. tracey :

    Its definitely disgrace abusing a child!! *supoort!!*

  10. joegrimjow :

    Lasting two months, the campaign rallies everybody with the call to ‘Raise your hand, Stop child abuse now!’ and aims to unite 100,000 Malaysians in time for the finale on Human Rights Day in December.

    explain more about human right day please

  11. Lim Su Wern :

    Sure thing! Will definitely support. Stop child abusing!

  12. cikgu jup :


  13. Carol :


  14. icaziesyira :

    On board! Stop child abuse!

  15. Hoong Fong :

    I raised my hand , have you? :)

  16. LionGirl :

    Have just selected “Show Charity Ads” under my Ads Preference in the Blog Manager!

    Will write a post too to support the event! Look out for it!

  17. hajar :

    stop child abuse!!!


    support this..!!

  19. aReaL :

    Mine Just Done Right In Time… hehehe…. Anybodyelse…???

  20. Akma Azlin Mohd Zain :

    Well, abuse has a lot of meanings. As long as the person hurts the baby regardless whether it’s physically or mentally, it’s still considered as an abuse. It is wrong to abuse a person because no one has the right to do so. Children will not do any harm but they do get out of control and naughty until we are angry, but to abuse them is simply unacceptable. Thus, to me, the phrase “It’s only abuse if there is physical violence involved” is incorrect because children’s mental is very important for us to nurture to make them a good person with an excellent attitude. Stop the violence, learn parenting skills or seek help if you have the tendency to hurt children or even infants.

  21. LionGirl :

    Check out my post!

    I have raised my hand: Stop child abuse now!

    How about you?!

  22. ahm :

    aku akan sokong usaha baik nuffnang menyokong kempen selamatkan kanak seluruh dunia ni.. datang ke blog aku sebagai bukti aku menyokong kempen ini.. apa kata kita ramai2 sokong kempen ini..walaupun tanpa sebarang bayaran..

  23. Zaid :

    Support.. Thnks

  24. Xheyl :

    Supporting! I changed to [Show Charity Ads] already (:

  25. Anna Mun :

    Support it ! Stop child abuse ! They are our country’s future ~

  26. ann :

    I support toooo! :)

    lets spread the campaign!

  27. CaDLyNN :

    Get On Board
    Stop child abuse!

  28. bella :

    im raising my hand here!

  29. Anabelle Ong :

    Participated! Its great to see ya’ll using your platform to promote this kinda of causes. Keep up he good work!

  30. jolene :

    i got all correct.. i’m visiting the website now..

  31. Garuda :

    wah!!kempen yang mulia…harus mendapat sokongan ni…Garuda datang sokong kempen nie..

  32. Xing :

    this is so sad.
    dang those who abuse children!

  33. Aidah :

    yer sokong… hentikan penderaan terhadap kanak-kanak..

  34. Glo-w :

    Let’s give them a voice and also a bright future!

  35. rachelkoko :

    Raised hands !!

  36. WaveX :

    jom ramai2 support kempen ni..

  37. kebayan :

    yes i am also agree about this…
    lets stop child abused..
    all of these kids are next Malaysia generation…
    so we must protect them…

  38. nur :


  39. farysa :


  40. kakyong :

    me support it too!!

  41. benooi :

    Raise up your hands! Imma raising!

  42. cikmin :

    I’ve raise my hand..

    Cikmin Support Campaign Get On Board,Stop Child Abuse

  43. *Tinie* :

    Sokong !!!!!

  44. darkbatman :

    get on board everybody!
    stop child abuse!!

  45. bluedianthus :

    That’s what i really like about Nuffnang, Nuffnang is really into charity and promote awareness among Malaysian people…:) Support this!

  46. Evelin :

    on board for this good cause, definitely!!! :)

  47. Jack Ng :

    120% support !!!!!

  48. hsin :

    :) ON BORAD

  49. Sue :

    yeah , lets share this awareness to all of your friends and family :]

  50. bahyah :

    saya sokong 100% !!!

  51. kumang kenyalang :

    lets support!

  52. Ailyna :

    okay, me on board..

  53. Elwyn~! :

    Fully support this~! Here is my link of support~! Also gotta admit, XinXian aka Fresh writes pretty well.

  54. Allen Chin :
    Yes ! I Dit It.
    share the love and care to others.
    Show some support to this event.

  55. Khalid Amin :

    Of course, I always support the kids !!

  56. mr melon :

    i raise my hand(both) :D

  57. yangbaik :

    yes, me fully support this campaign

  58. Carmen :

    Support!! =]
    I raised my colorful hand. lol…

  59. *Tinie* :

    sokong lagi

  60. Hanz :

    Count me in! :)

  61. biskutMARIE :

    I raised my hand…

  62. Kina :

    on board..say no to child abuse!

  63. Fionne :

    support it!!!!!!

  64. chekleen :

    i raised both hands to this..

    i show this ads and here some entry i write..

    glad to be part of this :)

  65. EeSoon :

    I am on board!!!!!!!!!


  66. Mohd Zaid :

    SAYA MENYOKONG – Get On Board, Stop Child Abuse (UNICEF)


  67. Cik lily putih :

    mestilah support.

  68. Crystal mun : Yes! I will support to make the world a better place.

  69. cimot :

    i put my hands up to support!!

    say no to child abuse!!

  70. ada mokhtar :

    support this =)

  71. yanz :

    woots…raise my hands,legs,hair…All my blogs supporting this cause =D

  72. ina mail :

    Stop Child Abuse

  73. marccus :

    marcus is on board now! =D

  74. mijin :


  75. Fish Lim :

    Yes, I’m being abused, by those news of Child Abuse~

  76. UNICEF Malaysia :

    To Nuffnang and everyone who has “Got on Board” the campaign to Stop Child Abuse, a very very big Thank You from UNICEF Malaysia. Its absolutely heart-warming and brilliant to see so many who have raised your hand to be counted in efforts to keep our children safe.

    To joegrimjow: Human Rights Day is observed annually on 10 December to mark the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) adopted on this date in 1948. The UDHR sets down the basic principles at the very heart of the human rights movement. It demands that every person – man, woman, child – has the right to live a life of dignity free from want or fear. Ending child abuse helps us protect children’s dignity. :-)

    Thank you again!

  77. In :

    Kanak-kanak juga manusia. Kita harus mempertahankan kanak-kanak dari dedera! Ini baru nilai KEMANUSIAAN!

  78. iezmastyle :

    wah… interesting…

  79. ahmad fairos :

    saya suport iklan ni

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