Nuffnang Premiere Screening – Tekken

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  1. zhihow :

  2. darkbatman :

  3. Nikel :

  4. Nuyui :

    fuh.. fuh.. fuh.. (using all the spell around the world)

  5. JaMaR :

  6. daydeck86 :

    teringat zaman skolah dulu ponteng pergi main game ni
    skang dah lupa dengan game ni kat alpha angle…. ahahhaha

  7. Che :

    here is my post :

  8. Metrosexist :

    Is it a trend now for movie makers to adopt comics, novels, cartoons and video games into movies? By the way, the main hunk for Tekken is just HOT!

  9. engtaukia :

    i support JIN KAZAMA ! woohoO~
    who’s with me? >.<

  10. daydeck86 :


  11. Kong Loong :

    Another video game movie from my school days…

  12. Bean Moreno :

    Bean Moreno Entry…Read it :

  13. Sholee :

    Here’s my entry:

  14. Faizal :

    wahh my favourite game is coming to cinemas!!!
    harap-harap favourite character aku ada! yeee haaa..

  15. toninkush :

  16. Natasha :

    Nak tengok…nak tengok..mesti best macam prince of persia jugakkan….

  17. azharie :

    i miss this game a lot :((

  18. toninkush :

    “50 pairs Nuffnangers will have the chance to watch Tekken 2 days before its official release date.”

    I think you meant ONE day before its official release date because according to GSC’s website, it’ll be released on the 5th, which makes sense because the 5th is a Thursday and new films are usually released on that day. Well not unless the 5th is the sneak preview of the movie.

    You’re right. There was a mistake in the written post

  19. Fiona Ong :

  20. Cik lily putih :

    nak join gak.
    here’s the link:

    mintak2 dapat heheheh…

  21. ellyana1 :

    this is so exciting..i wanna be the 1st who gonna watch this movie..

  22. Zala Wajik :

    Can I write in Malay?

    Yes, you can

  23. Nelly :

    heyakk!! Let me in!!!!!

  24. Nelly :

    Ouh, ouh, ouh! Pick me! Pick me! :D

  25. Jack Ng :

    Here is mine !!!

    hope i can get the tickets :D

  26. Sumijelly :

    this my entry

  27. zara aluwi :

    First of all, thanks to the courtesy of Nuffnangs. Here’s mine

  28. oya :

    done mine…

  29. David Sia :

  30. Rabiatul Adawiyah :
    I want go to see the action of fighting style all of the fighter..

  31. Sam :

    thx :)

  32. fishyval :

    sadly i m not eligible to participate.yet i m still gonna blog it coz i just love Tekken!!!

  33. Kenny :

  34. Jian Yuan :

    TEKKEN! Kidding me? Everyone grew up with this :)

  35. Jian Yuan :

    TEKKEN! Kidding me!? Everyone grew up with this :)

  36. shii teck :
    Finally done mine. Do check it out~

  37. Ed :


    Read my entry..

  38. Ethan Lu ZhiMeng :


  39. Jeff :

    Oops this is the correct link

  40. annyee :

    finally done with mine!! :D

  41. Zala Wajik :

    I chose Lars even though I know there is not many information about him. But at least I can tell peoples there is new characters in Tekken :D huhu

  42. Nicole Chang :

    I already miss a lot of contest. Don’t miss out my link!!
    Here’s mine!

  43. luckystrike :

    Hai Nuffnang…

    This is mine…

    All the best~!!!

  44. Jian Yuan :

    TEKKEN! Kidding me?! Everyone grew up with this :)

  45. arrizz :

  46. ejum :

    try my luck :) Steve Fox is mine :)

  47. debbeh :

  48. Mai :

    Here is my blog post…

    Thank you =)

  49. slash :


  50. syah :


  51. ReD :


  52. Amy Lim Su Yen :

    Click here, click here and check out what this yakster (me) was yakking about Tekken in the cinemas!!!

  53. Muhammad Najmi :

    here is my share on my most favorite character in Tekken. I really like her!!! And I really hope she’s in the movie!! Hope I could see the movie and find out!!!

  54. aReaL :

    Best Movie Ever… Tak Sabar Rasanya Nak Menontom Movie Ni…
    To All, Check My Post Entry About This Movie Here

    Wish Me Luck.. Hehehe…

  55. Fie Lautner :


  56. black_mel :

    Hi nuffnang..This is my 1st time contest that i enter with nuffnang..

    Try check mine.Sorry for the broken language.

  57. Sharifah :

  58. tupaikaran :

  59. Jimmy :

    This is my blog post! Love Tekken 5 =]

  60. Baboon Tan :

    OMG! I can’t wait to watch Kelly Overton act as Christie!!

  61. ChewEe :

    Dear Nuffnang,

    my very first post for movie premier!! hee~

  62. aReaL :

    Just Try My Luck Too… Hehehe…

    Check Mine..


  63. Che Armster :

    My very first attempt here. Yoshimitsu for the winner!!

  64. Khalid Amin :

    Hehe.. Just have the time to participate the contest.. Hope u like it!!

  65. zamani :


  66. zenghoong :

  67. nur eimi :

    nak tiket hehehe

  68. Charmaine :

    Marshall Law!

  69. Eppy Eoshi :

    Hola holi!

  70. linda :


  71. ietams :

    ni saya punya entry…,

  72. nur eimi :

    nak tiket hehehe

  73. Steven Boo Chuwen :

    I really do wanna watch the movie. Pretty please, with sugar and spices and everything nice?

  74. Pauline Tan :

    Nina Williams. :D
    Nuffnangs, a little help on my blog over the adverts! i still have problems with the sidebars!

    attached along with this;


  75. caliph :

    jin kazama singgah sini…

  76. Teo Suan Ming :

    here’s my post :)
    All hail king !

  77. albalang :

    i like Paul character more but he never make it in the movie.. LoL..

  78. Jack Ng :

    thank you Nuffnang :D

  79. mem :

    i want too:D

  80. Yin Ling Wong :

    I don’t know whether mine showed up earlier but oh well. :)

  81. @ir_ConD :

    Sry for my last minute entry.. Please consider it..

    ~Hwoarang FTW!!

  82. jojobdina :

    i hope i still can participate to win this~

    this is my entry~

  83. legend :

    check mine out!! KING!!

  84. Elaine Hooi :

    Here’s my post..!

  85. Jeremy :

    Tekken Official Debut Movie Trailer is included !
    My choice,Christie Monteiro! Acted by Kelly Overton!
    Dont miss all the pictures that has included Inside!
    My link,Please come and have a look,


  86. aReaL :

    Thank You Nuffnang… Hehehe…

    Finally Im There…

  87. Yoong Jun :

    I am Lucky!!! I am Lucky!!! I am Lucky!!!

  88. Shannon Chow :

    Hope am not too late! I can’t wait to watch. Thanks so so so Much Nuffnang!!
    Here’s the link:

  89. appledia :

    Pheeww!Mine completed at last.
    “Cross fingers” for this!^_^

  90. Hooi Nee :

    I’m late again.. HAHAHAHA…

  91. Yoong Jun :

    Was i too late in posting? :( din’t receive invitation~

  92. danny lo :

    no closing date right? here comes mine ^_^


    thanks nuffnang

  93. pkjebat :

    x byk y igt…tp mmg pernah men game ni.juz igt nme JIN je…huhu

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