‘Promise Me’ by the Truly Loving Company

We Malaysians generally pride ourselves on being a kind-hearted bunch; always willing to lend a hand to fellow Malaysians in need. But when was the last time you remember yourself donating to charity? For most of us, chances are that it won’t be within the last month. Or last six months. Maybe not within recent memory.

Which is a shame, really, because a lot of the time it’s not because we choose to turn a blind eye to the hardship of the less fortunate. To truly make a difference, it often takes a lot of time or money, both of which many of us might not have to offer, what with all the work we juggle and the *cough* crazy taxes we have to pay. But what if we told you that there’s a way to contribute to charity without disrupting your daily routine even a little bit?


Have you heard of the Truly Loving Company? If the idea of ‘charity’ immediately conjures up notions of grudgingly donating RM10 to charity organizations soliciting donations, TLC offers a unique alternative to that. The idea behind TLC: contributing to charity by buying stuff you actually need!

Here’s how it works: The Truly Loving Company produces personal and household products including bath & body products, kitchen cleaners, floor cleaners, and bathroom cleaners, which you can find in most major supermarkets and grocery stores. When you buy TLC products, you’re actually contributing to charity because 100% of the company’s dividends are split between 5 charity partners they are affiliated with. And it’s not just some new gimmick for getting donations; the quality of TLC products is pretty decent, if not even better than a lot of major brands in the market, so you’ll keep coming back for more! Check out this video below for more information on TLC:

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TLC offers many different products with different variants, do check them out at this page. It’s “All quality, all for charity”! :)

Though TLC has been able to help its charity partners greatly through the generosity of the public, it is always best if those who are less fortunate can be helped with a personal touch. And in that spirit, TLC is launching its ‘Promise Me’ campaign, where people make a pledge to help several individuals in need from various organizations to fulfill their dreams. The campaign kicked off with a bang on Monday at the Bangsar Shopping Centre, with Minister of Women, Family and Community Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil in attendance too!



We’re glad to announce that 5 Nuffnangers with big hearts have signed on to be a part of the ‘Promise Me’ campaign, and their pledges are as below:


The blogger:
The pledge: Mdm Chan Chin Ming, in her 60s, joins the early stage group at Nasam Ampang, and her wish is to have a day out shopping. pledges to take Mdm Chan for a fun day out because shopping just makes everyone happy :) Okay fine, every woman, that is.


The blogger:
The pledge: Mr Goo Tyng Tong is 17 years old. He is bed-ridden, spending most of his time lying in bed, and his wish is to have a proper bed such as a hospital bed. pledges to help raise funds for a proper hospital bed so that he’ll feel comfortable all the time.


The blogger:
The pledge: Mr Kau Tan Chong is wheelchair bound, and his wish is to have an ankle foot orthosis (AFO). pledges to raise funds to get an AFO for Mr Kau and spend some time with him over a cup of coffee.


The blogger:
The pledge: Quiet 8-year-old Nazhim likes to speak softly and only speaks when he needs to. His wish is to learn how to ride a bicycle. pledges to raise funds for a bicycle for him, and also teach him how to ride a bicycle.


The blogger:
The pledge: Mdm Lily Sin wishes to have a beautiful pair of multi-focal spectacles, and pledges to help raise funds to get Mdm Sin the spectacles she wishes for.


Stay tuned to the blogs above for updates on how they’re doing with their pledges! If you’re on Twitter, @NuffnangMY will also provide updates on the bloggers and their pledges from time to time. Meanwhile, check out this cool video of the bloggers being interviewed by Bernama TV:

Here’s how you can do your part for the ‘Promise Me’ campaign:

1. The bloggers mentioned above will need your help and support with their pledges! Do check out their blogs to see how you can help them with their pledges; maybe a small donation would be much appreciated? We’re sure they’ll bring happiness to those they’ve pledged to help, but big things were never achieved alone :)

2. Enable ‘Show Charity Ads’ in your Blog Manager preferences for the duration of this campaign, from 5 July – 5 August 2010. You will not be paid for displaying the ads, but the ads will greatly help to promote this cause to others.

3. And of course, you can always try out TLC products the next time you’re in need of moisturizer or shower crème – you’ll be getting quality products and contributing to charity at the same time!

Let’s show everyone that we’re a Truly Loving Community at Nuffnang. ;)

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Khalid Amin :

    Taking part by displaying the charity ads..

  2. munn :

    Support this charity campaign! :)

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  4. mummyalesya :

    support for charity

  5. Joyce Wong :

    Wow..good luck to the kind hearted bloggers. :)

  6. shirley :

    support too =)


    will support this event…

  8. darkbatman : this campaign..

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    hmm will support the charity campaign

  10. adeline :

    would support anyway (:

  11. MsXeRoZ :

    Hope other companies do this as well =)

  12. David Wong :

    Saimatkong will be at Sunway washing over 20 cars this weekend for this charity! Check out this video for more info.

  13. Michelle :

    Support! =)

  14. Black Jeopardy :

    TLC is actually an abbreviation commonly known as “Tender, Loving Care”. That’s a pretty smart company!

  15. Loo Han :

    very awesome bloggers! respect each and every one of you. keep up the good work, yo!

  16. Ice Hoong :


  17. Khairunnisa Dalim :

    yeah, im supporting this event.

  18. CIkLilyPutih :

    will support this campaign also

  19. lullaby :

    =) will try out the TLC products from now on! FULLY SUPPORT!

  20. JaMaR :

    support ‘promise me’!!

  21. lydia :

    will support this campaign…Thumb up up up……

  22. mah@mahu :

    I support this charity…

  23. rina :

    most of the blogger i dont even heard of them heee..maybe next time can choose malay bloggers too?

    whatever it is, my support will always be with them :)

  24. eyriqazz :

    Good Initiative..COngratz Nuffnang..Anyway, where we can bought this product?Oh,it’s good..can be bought at Jusco, Carrefour ,tesco and etc..Umm,visit C4 Wangsa maju a few times last month but why i can’t found this product ?

  25. sophia tai :

    Hey I want to help too.

  26. ainihussin :

    support!!good charity~~

  27. Kelly :

    Totally support by displaying Charity ads !
    I can’t afford to donate so I show my support through charity ads :)

  28. Sakina :

    i’ve taking part by changing the blog manager ads!
    charity we support!!!

  29. saimatkong :

    It’s good to see so many ppl supporting charity.

    check out the latest video for the car wash this weekend here

    If you could help up in the car wash event better! See you.

  30. yangbaik :

    taking part also as charity ads in my blogs…

  31. Daphne :

    imma take part =)

  32. Amir Izzat :

    yeah! support! sokong lebih2..Hehe

  33. heygirl :

    Taking part too by displaying the charity ads.

  34. michellezyenn :

    So proud of the progress these bloggers are making with their pledges! =D

  35. Pikey :

    I wonder if donations can be done via Paypal too ?

    You may contact the bloggers concerned to enquire about possible methods of donation :)

  36. Proudduck :

    Thank you for the support guys!! :) so glad to see others wanting to take part too

    Rina, I’m Malay!! hahah.

  37. hazey :

    Supporting the charity..!

  38. Hooi Nee :

    I’ll support “promise me” too. :)
    Gonna take part in the ads.

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    support the charity

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    Gonna take part in the ads.

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