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  1. Jimmy :

    This is my blog post!

  2. Galvin Tan :

    I like it Salty :)

  3. Muhammad Amirul Arif :

    i love salty :D

  4. Jeremy :

    My Russian spy post!

  5. Simon Har :

    so this means only Nuffnangers will go to the screening have chance to win the Sony Bloggie Camera or Nuffnangers who participate in the blog entry entitled to win it?

    The prize will be given out during the screening. That means you have to attend to receive the prize

  6. bARdbOO :

    wow…i want to join..lets gather ideas first.. =)

  7. Vince :

    DONE!! Check out my post (:

  8. Lim Ooi Yuan :

    Here is my post..=)

  9. Anak Perak :

    huhu..x dapat join.ade kursus sampai end of the month :(

  10. ciawei :

    My blog post is up!! =D

  11. shii teck :

    can edit photos and submit?


  12. Cik Norfa :

    i hope this entry would make that ticket and Sony bloggie camera are mine!!

  13. Jeff :

    Please read immediately cause the message will self destruct in 1 minute

  14. shaz :

    Kay i’m done again! Thanks a lot Nuffnang!!! :D

  15. luckystrike :

    Hai…this is my permalink of my blog post…

    *finger crossed*

  16. YeeJinLim :


  17. Ning :

    Those tickets!!!!

  18. zara aluwi :

    Hai nuffnang… I need the ticket to the Premiere Screening of Salt please… here is my blog post.

  19. Ed :

    kindly read my entry, please…

  20. Stacey :

    I hope I stand a chance to win those amazing prizes ! :)
    Looking forward to watch the movie ! wooohoooo! I LOVE NUFFNANG TO BITSSSSS!! <3

    My post :

  21. JaMaR :

    SALT.. Im done with mine

  22. stephy :

    hoho…..i love her!!

  23. Siew5 :

    Be prepare to get spied on!

    “Every search for a hero must begin with something which every hero requires, a villain. “

  24. Yoong Jun :

    i am the lucky one!i am the lucky one!i am the lucky one!i am the lucky one!i am the lucky one!

  25. Shannon Chow :

    Am I a Russian spy?You Tell me! ;)

  26. Khalid Amin :

    This contest can show up the directing skill of the bloggers a little bit.

  27. Kong Loong :

    Let the spy game begins!

  28. J.Y 元 :

    I certainly hope I don’t get into trouble for this post.

  29. paes :

    cool prizes..
    maybe i shud write one.

  30. Joanne :

    Hope I’ll win :)

  31. Michelle Madden :

    Okay, done:) come read

  32. Khairul Azura Bin Zainal Abidin :

    add salt in your cake & cookies it will taste better.visit my blog for more yummy recipes

  33. talamkeladi :

    hi there…here’s my n3…hope that you’ll like it

  34. darkbatman :


    Check it out!

  35. LionGirl :

    My mission is to save you! Stay alive until I find you!

    You will understand better when you read my post

    Do not fall into any trap until then!

  36. paroh :

    sy tak reti banyak pasal nuffnang ni~,just give a try..tanak menang pon!hahaha..

  37. Madmazelle :

    Is time, Nuffnang.

  38. carmen :

  39. Bean Moreno :

    Read My entry.will remake later :

  40. Erra Asmuni :

  41. Joyce Lee :

    this is my post.

  42. Winn :

  43. Simon Seow :

    Here’s my entry.

  44. Kuhanesh :

    Let me know what you guys think! =)

  45. Sholee :

    Here’s my entry:

  46. cookiedonut :

    Here’s my post =)

  47. Hans Yung :

    good luck everyone. :)

  48. Hans Yung :

  49. Everlyn :

    I hope the camera is my birthday present..lolxx !!

  50. Nikel :

  51. J.Y 元 :

    Is the movie premiere on 29th or 2 days before 29th?

  52. farysa :

    nk join tp selasa pg ada kelas,
    memang takleh la nk have fun mlm isnin

  53. ida :

    sajer nak try my luck..

  54. Moose :

    I am done with mine!

  55. ellyana1 : i a russian spy..:)

  56. Yusri Jamaludin :

    What if i were russian spy……..

    Maybe i like to be a spy from other country.

  57. Jackie Loi :

    Hiyeakkk! I wanna be Kamen Rider Spy! :D :D

  58. Everlyn :

    Updated with my spy pic !!

  59. vkvun :

    My entry

  60. Ruxyn :

    My story on “What if I’m a Russian Spy”
    Do check it out guys :)

  61. Joanne :

    Sorry! Read this instead of the previous one thanks :) Changed blog link!

  62. ayuarjuna :


    this is my enty…tq

  63. tengku alia :

    how i wish im a spy… checked this out =)

  64. Faizal :

    done! check out my Rrrrrrussian Spy story :)

    hope to get those tix, and of course the bloggie! weee

  65. Adornment Alley :

    Here’s my link. :)


  66. Wan Ahmad Nabil :

    Here’s mine, I got think about 3 days on how am i going to tell the story. I hope It’s going to work in. InsyaAllah. =)

  67. Wan Ahmad Nabil :
    Here’s mine. I’ve been thinking about three days on how am i going to post this story. I hope it’s going to work it.insyaAllah.

  68. Nian Tse :

    here is mine…:P

  69. niantse :

    here is my post. :p

  70. Iriene Heng :

    Hope you like it, my permalink is as below.

  71. James Tan :

    My post on SALT ….

    Tks :)

  72. Jemsen Tan :

    Here’s my link :

    Thanks! Спасибо!

  73. shii teck :

    finally done. nuffies, is it I only need to post my permalink here?

  74. Haslina binti Harun :

    This is my post

  75. KwOnG FeI :

    oops.. forgot to put the correct email..

    Wanna know my mission?

    you gotta check it here..

  76. StevenBoy :

    Here is mine entry :

    Wish my mission can be successfully execute…

  77. Caryne :

    My entry.

    Hopefully I could win! *Fingers crossed*

  78. Aizul Azlan :

    hello nuffy… here’s my post:

  79. zenghoong :

  80. Althea Loi :

  81. elainestellabob :

  82. Nurfarhana Abd Ghafar :

    Here’s are my post :

    Really hope that my entry will be selected to win the Sony bloggie camera. Hehe. Ticket also can maaa.. :)

  83. Shiau Lee Kok :

    You can join my mission in seraching delicious food in Ipoh!!!!

  84. Reen :

    Here you go! =P

  85. -Asy- :

    Saya ingin mencuba nasib
    entry dalam bahasa melayu :-)
    thanks untuk review my post :-)

  86. Elwyn~! :

    Here is my entry~!

  87. sop :

    Siap juga akhirnya..
    Temui ejen 006 di sini:

  88. FatihahJamil :

    I wish i could get those ticket in my hands now!! haha

  89. Fish Lim Pui Yee :

    here’s a SALTY post~

    hope u guys enjoy it~ thanks~

  90. Sandy Ryan :

    here is my post..=) hope you guys loves it..^^v

    and do leave some comment.. <3

  91. Muhammad Najmi :

    I’ve done all that I can do, the rest I can do is pray and hope that I get to see the screening. My fingers are crossed. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

  92. farah :

    I’m in…

    here’s my salty entry..!
    hope will get the chance to win the tickets n the sony pinktiful camera..

  93. aten :

    here!! im trying my luck!:)

  94. PinkDalina :

    Here is my wild & crazy post on what if I’m a Russian spy… Cheers!!

  95. Charmaine :

    Only 1 skill needed la…. sap sap sui LOL

  96. Muhammad Usamah :
    its a killer spy!^.^

  97. Chloe :

    My Salt blog entry

  98. Chloe :

  99. Joshualaw :

    Done finally! =)

  100. seonpcs :

    Here’s mine….


  101. atiqah :


  102. adrian ng :

    hey people do read and comment ya..
    here is my blogs about how to be russian spy

  103. Michele Lau :

    the post~thanks.

  104. Michele Lau :

    the post~ thanks.=D

  105. Eric Lai :

    Nice to meet you..
    I’m Mr.Smith,
    the Russian Spy….
    in my blog i will reveal all these years about my spy life..
    in exchange for the tickets of priemere screening and the Sony Camera..’s a win win solution…

  106. Mai :

    this is my post…

    thank you =)

  107. Nana Eddy :

    My mission…

  108. Vanessa :

    Thanks for reading :)

  109. wilee :

  110. Kelvin Tan :

    My entry:

  111. Raymond :

    My try at this contest…

    Urgent! ECHELON intercepted and decrypted Russian communication

  112. A-Lex :

    if i am a russian spy…. muahaha

  113. Nada :

    Hey guys, this is my entry :-

    Thanx Nuffnang!! Wish me luck~ >..<

  114. Baboon Tan :

    I am a russian spy that stuck in the training ground.
    I have one last mission to complete, so that I can leave this place…

    Find it out at

  115. Tian Chad :

    So long never participate Nuffnang Screening ;p
    Here’s my entry with videos~!

    I want a new sunglasses~! ;p

  116. MsXeRoZ :

    Here’s my entry!

    Hope you enjoy reading bits of my imagination.

    TQ Nuffnang~ wishing you a great day!

  117. luckystrike :

    Hai…thanks for the invitation, Nuffnang~!!!

    btw, may i know that who is the winner for the best written blog post, 1st runner up & 2nd runner up??


    Results of the best written blog posts are still being finalised

  118. shii teck :

    I repost my comment because I only realized that I put different email address with my nuffnang account.thanks for that.

  119. izahusni :

    here is my 2cents idea:-

  120. Madmazelle :

    Thank you nuffnang for the tickets :D

  121. w3ndee :

    I know I’m kinda late. but I really wish to watch SALT.

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