Cookie Monsters Unite for the LG Cookie!

Hey Nuffnangers! Do you like touch screen phones? Phones that come in cool colours? How about touch screen phones with cool colours AND are affordable too?!

lg cookie

You’re looking at the all-new LG Cookie series, now with 3 variations to suit all personalities and all budgets! Remember the original LG Cookie? Launched last year, the most affordable touch screen mobile phone on the block was a big hit with everybody. Now, it’s back and better with the LG Cookie3G (LG KM555) , LG Cookie Plus (LG GS500) and LG Cookie Fresh (LG GS290), with bigger and more vibrant colours to boot.

We reckon the new LG Cookie series warrants a big shebang, because it’s been a while since we all came together to PARTEHHH. With that, we’d like to announce that…


… We’re throwing an LG Cookie Monster Party for you Nuffnangers! RAWRRRR!!

Yes, we dub thee all little Cookie Monsters for a night to celebrate the new LG Cookie series. Parties are always more fun when they’re costume parties, so the theme of the party is ‘Monsters’! Come dressed as colourful furballs to add some pop to the party, or come with 3-feet long fangs dripping with blood and amaze your fellow party-goers. You could just come in a T-shirt with ‘MONSTER’ printed on the front too, but then you’d probably turn green with envy at the other pretty costumes out there. Oh wait, that’s an excellent idea for a costume, actually, the green-eyed monster…


If you need any more incentive to attend the party, how ‘bout this: Kenny Sia himself will be the host of the LG Cookie Monster Party. And with a host Monster like that, you know you’re in for a monstrously good time for sure!

Details of the LG Cookie Monster Party are as below:

Date: 24 July 2010
Time: 6pm – 10pm
Venue: Neutral Club, Jalan P. Ramlee

We’re giving out 100 single invites to the LG Cookie Monster Party! Wanna score yourself an invite? All you have to do is follow the instructions on this page, and of course, start thinking about how you’re going to terrorise your fellow party-goers with your fabulous monster costume on 24 July. We’re giving away LG Cookie mobile phones to 2 best-dressed bloggers and 3 most creative pre-event entries, so hurry and send in your entries now!

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Cik lily putih :

    Wah, harus cuba nie. Mana lah tau dapat invitation kan.

  2. naj :

    wow…cookies…i like!!

    LG cookie? oh, i love n adore them!!!

    yup..let’s give it a try…

  3. Tan Yee Hou :

    OMG They named a cookie in honour of you!

    Honoured! :D

  4. LionGirl :

    Hee-hee-hee, look out for my entry. Oh… I just love to touch…

  5. matjoe :

    serious macam best. rasa macam nak joint jgk

  6. daydeck86 :

    kena buat nih….

  7. Little Mama™ :

    best ni ;)

  8. Khalid Amin :

    Wow, great party.. But not clear about the prize and invitation.. And what the post likely to be expected by the sponsor.. Huhu..

  9. faeezan :

    waa.jom support LG..best2..

  10. Khalid Amin :

    Just submit my entry to get the invitation, take a look and get some ideas.. Hehe..

  11. Muhammad Amirul Arif :

    kewl…for sure i will join this

  12. Khairi :

    Wahh, another free HP. best2. Tapi tengah tunggu tiket free inception ni. Mcm tak dapat aje.

    Tiket inception blom finalize lagi ah.

  13. Fid :

    OMG……touch screen?i like…..cookie?cookies?macam ‘sedap’ saja…..

  14. Nikel :

    is so nice…

  15. :

    Let’s party!!!!

  16. Jimmy Liew :

    wow.. great!
    Looking forward to.. :D

  17. Ck : here are the new post :)

  18. rabiatul adawiyah :

    if i cannot attend the party, can i participate for the blog post contest? im not in KL on that time, got wedding ceremony.. =(

    You can, but you need to claim your prize if you win from the party though….

  19. Jimmy :

    Here is my blog post! Don’t laugh at it

  20. darkbatman :

    i’ve submitted my entry.. hopefully, i’ll get those invited..hhe. nuffnang rawk!

  21. mamakuQis :

    interesting cookie monster!! *what to wear what to wear*

  22. Anak Perak :

    wah party costumes lg.hik3…

  23. mummyalesya :

    oh lil monster gave me that phone yar

  24. Sumijelly :

    nak cuba…nak cuba

  25. rina :

    wa best nihh. leh bawak kawan ke *belum dapat lagi hehe*

  26. daydeck86 :

    Rina xleh bawak teman la… mesti susah nak dapat invitation ni kan….LG best…

  27. daydeck86 :

  28. ellyana1 :

    pick me..pick me..pick me

  29. hazarimi :

    cam besh jer tp im not in KL…
    susahnya nak participate bila ada event camni!

  30. puterinuur :

    entry in bahasa? can?


  31. Lala :

    bile tarikh last submit entri? huhu

    Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more info

  32. ina mail :

    nak cubalah mana tahu dapat invitation.

  33. carmen :

    LG Cookie Monster Party =)

  34. CIkLilyPutih :

    Done and already submitted.

    Here’s the link :

    hopefully i get the invitation.

    TQ Nuffnang

  35. CIkLilyPutih :

    Hi Nuffies,

    I already submit at the submission column but there’s some error occured. Can u check whether u receive my submission or not?


    Maybe you can try submitting again? If you can’t, that means the previous submission was successful

  36. Nana Eddy :

    My post!! I am SO THERE!

  37. Vince :

    Weeeeeeeeeee, check out my entry (:

  38. mummynana :

    Walla… LG Cookie! Huhu… Beshnye…..

  39. huda :

    eh I confuse nak send url kat submit form tu ke atau kat sini. so i just send to both la ok? hehe

  40. Mohdzaid :

    :( tak dapat join.. sebab kerja hari tu…

  41. lydia :

    finally post up!!

  42. stereomanic :

    i doubt sesame street’s cookie monster would eat that. true story bro.



    Lets PARTY!!!

  44. Jackie Loi :

    i wan my cookeh! :D

  45. Maxloon120 :

    This is mine support. Really thanks..

  46. tedcompany :

    woo hoo… best² =D

  47. joegrimjow :

    tumpang tanye, kalau buat post, lepas tu menang, tp xleh datang, still bleh dapat ke hadiah hp tu? rasanya ada baca kat page cakap boleh tapi baca komen kat ats ni xboleh. oohh ohhh

  48. mimi :

    boleh tulis in malay??

  49. Maxloon120 :

    This is mine :)

  50. v!vi@n :

    check out my post^^ comments are most welcome

  51. windulgence :

    Check mine =)

  52. mimi :

    here’s mine :)

  53. Nabil :

    Here’s mine. I hope I could win it. Peoples, check it out !

  54. Ice Hoong :

    Oh my god… this is my first time to participate!!!

    check out here!

  55. Nadia Is Cute :

    Oredi put in my entry. But still need to put link in here ka? Aiya. Better I put oso la. Better safe than sorry. [Sorry ka? Macam, buat lagi menyemakkan comment box ni, ada la… He he]

    Nah. Go go see la…


  56. Orkachan :

    When will the 3 best pre-event blog post be announced? Via email before the party? Or during the party itself?

    All winners will be announced during the party itself, therefore they have to be able to attend the party to collect their prizes

  57. Shahroll Photo :

    alammmmmakk!! im late im late!! hueheu
    this my “messy” post! hauahauahu~

    thanx Nuffnang! =)


  58. Kelly :

    sunshine girl is going to transform into MONSTER on 24th Jul nite

    i have blog about it, check my link

    thanks Nuffnang. monster hug **

  59. Baboon Tan :

    Baboon pumps up with monster genes, getting ready for the monster party!

    Check it out at

  60. mj :

    Hey Nuffnang.. Maybe got some confusion in your terms and conditions for LG cookies party. I think a lot of people are questioning about this.

    First you mentioned that 3 winners with most creative pre-event entry can collect prize at nuffnang office after winner being notified via email. Does it means that winner will not get the phone yet during the event?

    Second, you mentioned that winners will be announced during event. But, winner should send representative if he/she cant attend the event (how can winner know that he/she win as winner only will be announced during the event?).

    That’s all I think. I just asking on behalf only. Since got many people curious about this. Me myself cant attend the event as Im afraid that I may got offered for a job outside KL by that time. Gud luck then. Feel very frustrated because cannot participate in a lot of event this month and next month.

    All winners will only be announced at the event. In the event that the winners are not present, prizes must be collected from the Nuffnang office within 1 month of email notification

  61. eyriqazz :

    Submitted Mine :

  62. marhaliza mohd shaari :

    pls count me in. Thank you

  63. Teo Suan Ming :

    Sended in entry but what’s the harm setting another here :)

    RAWR :D

    Check it out :

  64. sevunation :

    da buat dah..yeaaahhhhh…
    hopping to win

  65. theeggyolks :

    Always support Nuffnang’s events!! :D

    Here’s our entry! Enjoy!

  66. seonpcs :

    is it too late to submit now?

    Nope, you can still submit your entry

  67. Hooi Nee :

    Check out mty super late post. :)

  68. Cindy Leow :

    Submitted =)

    Lucks to all!

  69. Amalina :

    i pun nak join

  70. Amalina :

    dah hantar dah….

  71. mummyalesya :

    sent mine

  72. Mohd Ferdaus :

    dah post jugak… last minit!!!

  73. Mohd Ferdaus :

  74. w3ndee :

    If i get the invite, see you guys there =)

  75. Diablo :

    Yeah LG!! My girl friend like LG so much. Wish to buy a new LG phone for her birthday present. Thanks for sharing.

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