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  1. Jimmy Teh :

    Here is my post hope it is good enough

  2. Nikel :

  3. Jeremy Teh :

  4. lukcystrike :

    Hai…I am ready to write the blog d. But after that where shud v leave our blog post URL? izit in this blog comment?

    thank you^^

    Yes, leave the permalink as a comment on this blog post. Thanks for pointing that out!

  5. Anak Perak :

  6. Jeff :

  7. joshuaongys :

    looks like a good movie!!!

    It is! :)

  8. lukcystrike :

    Hai…here goes my blog post…

    *good luck*

  9. daydeck86 :

    Hi Nuffnang,

  10. engtaukia :

    Leonardo Dicaprio !! hebat ~!

  11. Kong Loong :

  12. zenghoong :

  13. carmen :

  14. ienafazlyna :

  15. Bay :

    Shhhh.. keep it a secret after you read it k? :D I am scared Dom Cobb will steal it. O=

  16. zamack :


    okay be honest secret ni sebenarnya rahsia tau dan rahsia sebenarnya secret. the most secret yg ada dalam jemala saya nih sekarang yg saya rasa tidak mahu org lain cilok ialah…saya nak mak dan ayah saya ada bersama saya sekeluarga bersama menikmati kegembiraan dan keceriaan bersama-sama. Saya nak mereka berdua menikmati kehidupan bersama anak,menantu dan cucu-cucu yang meningkat dewasa dan yang paling manis dan secret bagi saya ialah senyuman emak dan ayah bila mereka gembira. itu shj dalam otak saya. Utk pengetahuan semua emak dan ayah saya sudah meninggal dunia. saya rasa saya belum puas bersama-sama dgn emak dan ayah saya walaupun saya tinggal bersama emak saya. Senyuman emak membuat hati saya tenang dan damai. itu shj rahsia saya…thanksss…sedih la plak…

  17. Khalid Amin :

    Here my permanent link.. The great movies ticket will be mine.. Haha..

  18. Faizal :

    Now the whole world knows my secret….danggg!!!!

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  20. Elaine Hooi :

  21. Lim Ooi Yuan :

    Here is my post for this contest

  22. Jackie Loi :

    wee just done mine :D

  23. Jack Ng :

    thank u nuffnang :D

  24. Cik Norfa :
    my post!

  25. Jacquelyn :

    here you go!

  26. rabiatul adawiyah :

    Hi, below is my blog permalink.

    Thank you.

  27. Joyce Lee :

    done. here you go

  28. Calvin Cho :

    OMG OMG OMG ! This is so disgusting ! :O

  29. fiona :

    Be prepared for the secret, I can’t wait for my mind to be the scene of the “Inception” crime :D

  30. LionGirl :

    Check it out! My post is up!

  31. Stacey :

    Hope to get the tickets!

  32. Tifa :
    i’m done …

  33. Calvin Ken Lee :

    Here’s my blog permalink!


  34. akuzle ayu :

    wokayyy, done mine…. hope i’m lucky enuff!!

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  36. shaz :

    I can make it right? :D Thanks Nuffnang anyway! ;)

  37. Daphne :

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  38. Choong Kin Hoe :

    This is my entry ;)

  39. zara aluwi :

    This is mine…

  40. beaniewhut :

    My entry here =)

  41. Siew5 :

    PICK ME!! PICK ME!! xD

    Thank you Nuffnang!

  42. Nuyui :

    me done… secret reveal but still a secret… (hope so n forgive me)

  43. Sandy Ryan :

    Gonna love this so because it sound interesting and there is Leonardo Dicaprio is acting.. <3 <3 ~~!! here it is..^^v

  44. Mohd Zaid :

    dah lama aku tak join Nuffnang Premiere Screening ni.. harap-harap aku masih tak terlewat untuk join huhu… kawan-kawan silalah tengok blog post saya ni ye.. TQ

  45. adam :


  46. azham :

    Inception? You think it’s funny matter? Read my secret.
    The Secret of your MIND!

    the only thing I didn’t want to share in public. My blog is an open source blog. But, this knowledge is only be taught to people who had earned my trust =)

  47. XiaoTong :

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  49. Muhammad Usamah :

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  50. linn :

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  52. Michelle Madden :

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    Nice? lol

  53. Sam :

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    Thx Nuffnang:)

  54. Baboon Tan :

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  55. Nai Boon Mee Sararaks :

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  59. vangardx :

    Hello everyone, I would like to share mine..please don’t tell others ya :P

  60. Iman :

    hope you guys like it.

  61. Michelle Madden :

    Just in case my first comment got cacat-ed:P

  62. Jayleo :

    The secret Leonardo is aftering…….

    revealed in

  63. fizika :

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  64. gnesop :

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    My entry..

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  66. Bella :

    My brain have gone quite numb at the moment.. LOL! Here’s my entry

  67. carmen :

  68. Nash :

    I don’t know how to do that permalink la. Aiyo. Here’s my web address again. Pls pls!! I want to win!! Hehehe.

  69. Sholee :

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  70. agnes t :

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  71. Julian :

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  72. oya :

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  79. Galvin Tan :

    Ok, I’m revealing my darkest secrets on the Internet so I’m doomed. I better win this, darn it! ;P

  80. huda :

    leonardo dicaprio is waiting for me ! really have to win those tickets ! haha

  81. Puteri Nuur At-Terawis :

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  82. Ladycharm :

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  83. Khairi :


    This is my entry for this contest. Thanks for keep providing free tickets. I like.

  84. joegrimjow :

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  86. ejum :

    this is my first time..wish me luck :)

  87. chenta nana :

    entry nana dah siap.. rajin-rajin la singgah ya semua.. *hugs*

  88. Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. :

    This is my entry for this contest. Do visit and find out what is my most valuable secret I kept in my mind. It’s officially out in the open! Yikes!

  89. aidura :

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  90. meck :

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  91. Nana Eddy :

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    BEWARE you may wish you hadn’t!!

  92. Charmaine :

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  93. sumijelly :


    harap dpt la tiket wayang nya..hik3

  94. Back :

    I will create post about this now. Waiting for me…

  95. David Sia :

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  96. nesca :

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  97. Calvin Ken Lee :

    Changed my blog URL, and here’s the new one! Sorry!

  98. Ikhwan Pauzi :

    can i write it in Bahasa Melayu?

  99. nabila :

    have a nice reading! =)

  100. hazey :

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  102. Muhdiqmal :

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  109. iwan :

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  110. Daleela :

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    2 tickets please… hehehehe =)


  111. Ck : i have posted the new post 2 ticket 2 ticket :)

  112. lenglengloo :

    can i write it in chinese?

    Yes, you can

  113. anie :

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  114. Sukma :

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  115. lenglengloo :

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  116. zurina :

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  117. stephy :

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  120. fendi :

    Aku ada sesuatu yang ingin aku kongsikan..namun ianya sesuatu yang tak mungkin ramai memahaminya.JIka aku aku bercerita,seperti aku bercakap bercakap dengan dinding yang kosong.Ada rahsia yang aku cuba rungkaikan yang sentiasa bermain dalam kotak fikiran ku ini.Cuba kamu bayangkan, ada sebiji bola ditengah-tengah padang dan hanya menanti pemain-pemain menyentuhnya. Apabila wisel ditiup, bukan seorang yang ingin menyentuhnya, tetapi 22 pemain ingin menyentuh bola itu pada masa yang sama. Bola itu dikelilingi oleh pemain-pemain seperti lebah di sarangnya. Apa yang pelik, apabila pemain ingin menyentuhnya, bola itu menjadi statik dan kadangkala hilang dan muncul kembali. tetapi pemain masih terus menyepak tanpa berputus asa dan berterusan. Aku salah seorang daripada pemain tersebut. tetapi aku berundur kebelakang hanya melihat dan memikirkan apa yang terjadi. Itulah rahsia aku kerana selama dua minggu kebelakangan ini, mimpi yang sama yang aku alami termasuklah semalam.

  121. Vanessa :

    This was fun to write! Thanks for the opportunity, Nuffnang!

  122. elaine_137 :

  123. Bernard Chung :

    Finally, INCEPTION is here….

    For more on coverage on Inception, go to GREEN TEA MOVIE and search INCEPTION

  124. Zi Song~ :

    *omg i accidentally deleted all my other posts~

  125. Mohd Faiz Nazim :

    Tengah cuba tuah ;) Mid Valley dekat uh~

  126. eRiCa :

    Nuffnang, I want the tickets! :)

  127. alvin :

    there you go..i hope i get this coz i have blogged about this movie long before it was posted here

  128. joe low :

    farewell my black ballon :)

  129. Cassie :

    Here’s mine..It’s my 1st time writing for a contest and am really excited! ^.^

  130. Vivian Teoh :

    Interesting movie. If I don’t win the tickets, I’m still gonna watch it if I can :)

  131. lydia :

    shared my most valuable is top secret..shhh

  132. w3ndee :

    Dear readers, I’d like to share with you wads my most valuable SECRET which I don’t wish to be stolen.
    Keep it only to yourself, don’t spread the shameful secret of mine. hey,promise?

  133. Chin Kah Men :

  134. Farahain Mokhtar :

  135. zee :

    can’t wait to see the movie! :D

  136. Kuhanesh :

    I thought I’d do it differently =)

  137. Pauline Tan :

    Its mine here. 1st time writing nuffnangs and hopes more in the future! ;)

    My Mind Is The Scene Of Crime ;

  138. bARdbOO :

    here my entry for this contest..

  139. orang :

  140. Fara7 :

  141. natasha :

    here comes the best entry!!

  142. miszTERRA :

    HYE..this is my entry
    is it okey when im using bahasa??

  143. wilee :

  144. Shiau Lee Kok :

    Here is the entry from me…. Memory of falling in love…

  145. lea lyanna :

    a crime you never heard!

  146. ietams :

    done! feel free to mine,

  147. Chloe Lian :

    Hi,here you go my blog posts

  148. Ning :

    Here’s mine!

    I want those ticketsssss. (:

  149. Daleela :

    if i dont receive the email by today meanings dat i’m not invited rite? waaaaa… so sad… meanings dat every contest have to write in English lo.. seems my malay entry always tak menang anything….

    That’s not true, invites are given based on most creative comments

  150. Kuhanesh :

    Gosh I’m still going crazy waiting for the email and wondering if I got the tickets or not!

    First round of invites have been sent out yesterday. Should there be anyone not confirming their attendance on Monday, the second round will be sent out at noon.

  151. Kuhanesh :

    Gosh that means I didn’t get it? =(

    Took me a while to write a rhyming lyric with an added story, was that really not creative enough?

  152. ladycharm :

    my invitation has been revoked! so sad.. :[
    is there any chance i could get my ticket? i really forgot to check my yahoo mail as i’ve sent my application using gmail..

    nway, happy viewing to lucky Nuffnangers!

    We’re sorry but the invites have already been extended to other Nuffnangers.

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