Bring Sexy Back with the ‘Pole Stars’ Talent Showcase

Quickly, all of you. What’s the first thing you think of when we say ‘pole dancing’?

Girls with curves? Sexy moves in clubs? Something like this perhaps?


Now that we have your full attention…

There are a lot of misconceptions about pole dancing – namely its association with less-than-savoury activities in strip clubs, but what many people don’t realize is that pole dancing is not about being trashy at all. Not only is it an art form which involves a lot of ‘acrobatics’, it’s now become a recognized sport and is gaining popularity as a… well, rather unconventional form of exercise (which is very effective nonetheless!).

Viva Vertical

Enter Viva Vertical, the leading pole dancing academy and troupe in South East Asia. For the 3rd consecutive year, they’re organizing the ‘Pole Stars’ Talent Showcase Malaysia 2010, one of the first online reality and fan based dance sport competition. It is a 12-week journey, documenting the real time process of discovering, following and supporting Malaysia’s best male and female Pole Dancers.

Screen shot 2010-03-12 at 6.13.50 PM

And here’s the interesting part. Viva Vertical is inviting all you Nuffnangers to the media launch of ‘Pole Stars’! Details are as below:

Date: 17 March 2010 (Wednesday)
Time: 5.30 pm
Venue: Quattro
(Lot G4, G5 & G6, Ground Floor & Lot M8A, M9, Mezzanine Floor, avenue K, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur)

That’s not all; Viva Vertical is generously offering all Nuffnangers who attend the media launch one FREE trial pole dance lesson, and exclusive invites to the Grand Finals of ‘Pole Stars’ at The Opera on 22 May 2010, which comes with VIP privileges too! Not only that, you might get to see a couple of Nuffnangers doing a special number at the Grand Finals – but we’re keeping that a secret for now!

If you wanna join in the fun with food, drinks and a hot pole dance demo the media launch, send in an email to with your full name, blog URL and email address registered with Nuffnang before 12pm on 16 March 2010.

Hurry and send in your emails now! Girls, you know you wanna pick up a sexy move or two while burning off those carbs. Guys, you know the media launch will be right up your alley too. And besides, who says pole dancing isn’t for guys too? :P


For more information about Viva Vertical, head on over to As for the ‘Pole Stars’ Showcase, you can find out more about where the various stages of the competition will be held at

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. mem :


  2. echin :

    wow…nice blog

  3. Glo-w :

    I totally love the idea of pole dancing! Done properly it’s like an acrobatic show and done properly another way it can bring joy in other ways too^^ Free lessons? Cool <3 but err…what to wear? ;p

  4. Kancilbiru :

    adeh…tak rasa mcm nak tergeliat ke? hehe

  5. Kelvin Tan :

    err…don’t think pole dancing’s for me. :P

  6. satkuru :

    Wow a reality show for pole dancing ! Now this could be interesting and hawwwttttt :P

  7. Miss Mira :

    Wow… Actually I do think that it’s kinda part of sports.. They need to practise on how to balance themselves while holding the pole..herm.. My fren said it’s good to have a your tummy flat..x der la buncit..haha

  8. shaz :

    to go… or not to go??

    this is a question. ;p

  9. awin :

    its really look inteeresting to try but, its look difficult n scared to try on it..

  10. anNe :

    why all activities at KL?unfair for penang people :(

  11. John :

    air ticket included?

  12. sWeEtDaRLinG :

    the time so limited… quit busy now, cant join :)

  13. TianChad :

    It would be great if it wasn’t start at 5.30pm
    Not convenient for people working and living in a traffic jam town =S

  14. Anak Perak :

    aduh lambat bg tau.x sempat nak apply cuti ni.apply mc sempat kot.ngee..

  15. JAI :

    Wahh..interesting but not suitable for me due to age..TUA oleady wooo

  16. Khairi :

    haha. very nice one. wonder will my wife let me go hehe.

  17. kulanz :

    Nak juga datang.. tapi tempat jauh sangat :(

  18. Kim Ong :

    Now I wish I’m in Malaysia to join all that fun! I’m a pole-addict!!!!!

  19. joegrimjow :

    can i send my video doing pole dancing to them?

  20. M I A :

    when peoples start thinking about Pole Dance, they might be thinking about Sex and Seductive, maybe?
    saw pole dancing few times before and they were great actually.
    wondering what could it be if guy in pole dancing?

  21. sah90 :

    it surely cool!!!:)

  22. shirley :

    fantastic movement!!!!
    black background can even easily showed the great body shape~
    the movement is just so awesome….
    great job!!!

  23. aidi-safuan :

    dah dapat invitation dah pon. yes! yes! :p

  24. soon seng :

    Hey, thats Kyeth!

  25. WanSsei :

    i wanna join these!!!

  26. Jean :

    oh..missed this.. send b4 16/ is 17/3!!! >.<

  27. Roshann :

    To all who took pictures of the event, I’d really appreciate it if you’d email the pics with me to
    I’m the Indian dude with the black Adidas (gold font) tee.
    Cheers mates.


  28. comel :

    hope i can do like dat oso

  29. muiz :

    macam bez jer..hehe (*,*)

  30. wanda :

    I want join this

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