Coffee with Nuffies

Ever wonder how the Nuffnang office looks like?


We’re sure some of you guys might have visited our office in the past to collect prizes for the various contests we held. However, for those who have not, fret not as we’re now inviting Nuffnangers to come visit us at our office every month! We’ll call this – Coffee with Nuffies.


Yes, we serve coffee in our office (finally!) thanks to the Boss installing a drink machine for us and we would like to share the drinks with our beloved Nuffnangers!

What can you expect from a Coffee with Nuffies session?

– Coffee (obviously) or any other drinks we have to offer when you drop by (sometimes we might have surprises in our fridge)
– A look around the colourful Nuffnang office along with an introduction to all the Nuffies and their roles in Nuffnang
– A “Get-Close” session with the Blogger Relations Department where you can ask all the questions you want about Nuffnang. This is the perfect chance for you to figure out how you can maximize your earnings from ads or tips on how to win contests and etc!

That’s not all because at every Coffee with Nuffies session, we’ll rope in one of our non-Blogger Relations staff to join in the session. To kick off the first Coffee with Nuffies session, we have a very special gentleman to introduce to you Nuffnangers.


Not single, but always available, David Wong is the main man in charge of our fabulous online reality TV show Project Alpha. Hence, you can see the strong resemblance to a Hollywood talent scout. If you’re in front of him, please do flaunt your charms and who knows, you could be the next top hit in reality shows! Okay, we were just kidding about the last part.

With David Wong around, you can ask him all about Project Alpha and find out about how it’s like behind the scenes of the show as he’s had his fair share of shoots!

The first Coffee with Nuffies session will take place on;

Date : 12 March 2010 (Friday)
Time : 4pm till 5pm
Venue : Nuffnang KL Office

Interested in having some Coffee with Nuffies? Simply drop us an email to with your name and contact number. As our office can only accommodate a small amount of visitors, we might not be able to accommodate everyone who wants to come but we’ll fit you in for the next Coffee with Nuffies session nevertheless. Send in your email now!

P.S. We can’t wait to have you visit us! ;)

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Shuhaila Hussin :

    i wanna joinnnnnnnnnnn

  2. gnesop :

    Wau.. that great!!
    But Friday 4pm – 5pm, still working..

  3. connie :

    such a great idea nuff!

  4. John :

    the “a” is upside down?

  5. HuiJin :

    i want to join too..but working. >.<

  6. F I T :

    wow it’s gonna be cool for us to go there. i heard nuffnang office is way more rilex than any other offices. I wanna work there too :)

    Hadiah-Hadiah Terbaik Untuk Lelaki

  7. khadijah zek :

    i nak join…tp at the end of march for the next ‘coffee with nuffies’…=)

  8. ayeenmarzuki :

    owh.this is awesome.its coffee time people:))

  9. Aishah Noordin :

    aler…can’t join…going to Terengganu that day……:((

  10. Zaid :

    4PM .. I still at office… huhu next session i join…

  11. tekkaus :

    I wanna join this because I am a coffee-holic! ;p

  12. slevin :

    sounds nice.. Really excited to hear that :)

  13. dreamydolls :

    hahahaha……. not single but available… me likey ***** lolx

  14. akihiko :

    wanna join but got class at that time =(

  15. ween :

    OMG. I will be on vacation on the 12th March :(

    Hopefully, any of my blogger friends will be there. I’m interested to know the tips on how to maximize my earnings from ads, or tips on how to win contests :D

  16. mizzura :

    me dont like coffee…how bout tea? lol:-)

  17. feez :

    warghhh… sound really great..
    i’m interested but on friday.. working day..

    but only for 1 hour??

  18. mimi :


  19. mimi :

    ohh…student la…

  20. SaeWei :

    Can have LIVE online coffee session or not?????? Still working lorrrrrr

  21. JMR :

    seems nice session..kena join ni nnt..

  22. junl00ng :

    ROFL, the guy with “a” seems to be miss-placing in position

  23. livelysunset :

    Wow, that’s awesome but too bad, KL is hours away from my place. I can’t even join movie screenings ! *sulk*

  24. relyza :

    wow!!! wanna join this. plss invite me. …wink…wink…

  25. jipp :

    wahh. I want! I want! I want! Aiyoo, 12th is too soon from now. My boss wouldn’t allow such a short notice. May be some other time..

  26. Joshualaw :

    this is so cool…but only one hour? lol~ Great idea to have a coffee session anyways! ;)

  27. @Bella@ :

    Honestly I think this is a great way to approach all your bloggers and a fabulous way for us to get to know those behind-the-scenes better. I know Nuffnang is famous with their relaxed and casual environment and bringing the so-called “employees” (Nuffies) to mingle with deserves an applaud. Here’s to more brilliant ideas from you guys! *cheers*

  28. eyriqazz :

    nak join but too bad during office hour..if not for sure i will join it…

  29. anNe :

    Eeee…! nice one,but too far for mii to go =(

  30. goingkookies :

    it’s a really good idea for nuffies to get up close with bloggers and vice versa..

    unfortunately, it’s not feasible to those of us who are working… =/

  31. kenwooi :

    and i wont be in KL.. =(

  32. sWeEtdARLinG :

    next time do after office hour.. lagi syiook leparking can lama2

  33. :

    feel sad cuz can’t join this nn event again! fully packed with activities in that week!

  34. wany :

    OMG! i wanna take part too…

  35. orenlili :

    i wanna join too :)

  36. Anak Perak :

    X per, ajak bos g skali nanti.sama-sama ngular..

  37. zuhaini :

    oh no! i’m working… :(

  38. JAI :

    Agree with sweet darling..make it after office hours ..time not suitable for those who works 9.00 to 5.00..or make it dinner on nuffnang..ahaks3

  39. yad :

    wah the name agak similar with coffee with karan ( a talk show in india). this sound fun, update later how it goes yer.

  40. nadia :

    this is so cool! wish i could join :)

  41. d ina pengantin :

    Nak Join jgk jumper sambil jumper fanz2, TAPI saya kat Kelantan…


  42. mem :

    coffee time..:D jom joints ramai-ramai

  43. Faiz Zaki :

    I want free coffee !

  44. cikemi :

    greattttttt. i love coffeeeeeeeee

  45. WanSsei :

    i wanna join but im in Perak rite now…

  46. khadijah zek :

    i boleh join….=)

  47. Doggyjames :

    Friday 4pm??? dont care, diedie also snake from work and attend XD

  48. awin :

    klu lh dpt pergi…
    mesti bez kn…

  49. Allison :

    ee..nice.. when is the next session? haha

  50. relyza :

    tQ for invitation!
    really enjoy been there & know all the nuffies

  51. Lion King :

    I WANT TO JOIN ALSO !!! I want I Want !

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