The Nuffnang Footprints

Hey Nuffnangers,

We have a WALL! Our interns used to hold up our office for us previously. We kid, we kid! We’re actually turning a part of the Nuffnang office into the Nuffnang Footprints Wall.

Nuffnang Footprints

We’re always thinking about our bloggers, so we’ve decided to dedicate a part of our office to YOU! All you Nuffnangers’ pretty and handsome faces will be featured on this awesome Wall so that you can be a part of our office always, and we Nuffies will be able to see you guys everyday when we come to work (all together now – awwww!).

So if you would like to claim a place on our wall while there still is space, just mail in your photos and we’ll stick it up on the Wall for you! It could be a picture taken at a Nuffnang event, a picture of you with your fellow Nuffnangers, a picture of you proclaiming your love for Nuffnang, or just an image you would like us at Nuffnang to see – attached with a Post-it size note of a few words you would like to say to us. You can also choose to send just a note or just a photo if you want to. Snail mail anything you wanna have featured on the Wall to the Nuffnang KL office, and address it to:

The Nuffnang Footprints Guardian
Nuffnang Sdn Bhd
12B-5 & 12B-6, Heritage House,
33 Jalan Yap Ah Shak,
50300 Kuala Lumpur,

Alternatively, you can just come on over to the Nuffnang KL Office and pass it to us personally. Who knows, you might even get a chance to say hi to the Nuffies by doing so. So don’t hesitate to send in those awesome images of yours! We’ll be keeping you guys updated on the Wall here on the blog as well, so do stay tuned.

Hurry and mail your photos in, while there’s still space! Catch you guys on the wall!!

Update: We got our first contribution from Nuffnanger Christy today! Check this out:

I heart Nuffnang

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. sofia :

    waa…….i want send my photo also..but may i asked…cant send using email eah?


  2. atreyu strange :

    Awesome! I’m gonna send my best picture! HAHAHA!

  3. ellis :

    that photo must be post? by email cannoT?

    We’re sorry but we’re only accepting photos all ready to be posted on the wall at the moment :(

  4. Jinwei :

    woah~ Cool! ;D will send an awesome group pic eh!

  5. John :

    can I just pee on the wall? lol. Or I ask my dog to do it. haha

    Cannot la

  6. NGPriest :

    Can i use some paint and step on the wall?
    Like my footprint? :D

  7. zaid :

    I pun nak send gambar I, sebab I peminat no1 nuffnang..

  8. Serge Norguard :

    Hahahaha… you know, I might see you guys soon enough.

  9. Adilla Yusof :

    Malulah nak hantar gambar..bukannya comelpun. Tapi suka The Nuffnang Footprints ni. Idea yang canggih. Siapa nak cuba tu dipersilakanlah ya!

  10. Zala Wajik :

    Sound interesting! Capturing my photo now.
    hahaha =D

    I love Nuffnang

  11. Ariff Suffian :

    Aww man how I wish we could just email the photo’s in :/

  12. CikLilyPutih :

    i’ll get gang to take photo and send to you..

  13. Reiko :

    What an awesome idea!!! Too bad I only have soft copy photos. LOL!
    That means I have to go print out photossss! XD

  14. rabiatul adawiyah :

    I will come tomorrow… yeah!! hehe..

  15. coco :

    awesome!!!i also wan to be part of it:D:D~*

  16. Nikel :

    try find handsome photo nw..keke

    from Nikel Khor

  17. cikemi :

    snail mail.. need to print the photo lar.. :P

  18. anNe :

    just head?how big should it be?? O..o

  19. khadijahzek :

    mcm best je….=)

  20. wawan :


  21. shahroll photo :

    fuahhh~ is the best for collect the nuffies ya.. i want send the best photo.. uhuhu~

  22. ween :

    OMG, this is so COOL! I’m gonna sent my pic :D

  23. Azhar :

    Wow..coolllll..great job guys

  24. DaHLia :

    wahhh great!!! Nuffnang really cares about bloggers!!!

  25. zuhaini :

    nice idea… :)

  26. sWeEtDaRLinG :

    i will give my group best outfit during Digi Pimp My Day Challenge… check it out (eerr tunggu i pi cuci gambar dulu, hokeh?)

  27. Nicole aka MsxeRoZ :

    ahh..good idea..but shy la wan send the photos XD

  28. lynn hamzah :

    syoknyer…bestnyer nuffnang…idea nie memang sangat best dan lynn rasa mesti mendapat sambutan yang hebat dari bloggers…

  29. hurleyz :

    Very creative idea! Keep up the good work nuffies!

  30. AvantGardeShoppe :

    good work nuffies. but i think it will much better if i can earn money from u nuffies. my nuffnang earning,, until this moment is RM 0.00.. i don’t know why.. somebody please help me~

  31. Melz :

    Aku tak hensem ! Tapi aku Cute :) Miahahaha
    I ♥ Nuffnang ! Siyes

    Si Penulis !

  32. hajarcunn :

    wow!love u nuffies!brilliant!:)
    i wanna join dis yah.yeye.

  33. AJ :

    Waww! :D

    Good. very creative idea.. Have fun and more interesting idea. :-)

  34. intanurulfateha :

    wahh cool! wanna put mine also! ;)

  35. gossipgirl :

    wow sounds interesting ,is that open to all nuffnagers? or just the gliterri one P( .i just got verry good idea to do so ,wait for my think on nuff desk haha..

    All Nuffnangers can send their pictures in!

  36. Sia Ling Ling :

    wow.. better start taking photo.. >_<

  37. YobSumo :

    alah cuci gamba mahal lah, can i print out on the plain paper only ha? can lorrr!

  38. Dick :

    Maybe u should put the annoying apple pic on the wall make the wall look fun: D

  39. thetraveljunkielady :

    hey nuffnang,
    this is soooo cool! one fine day, i might send a photo 2 u too xD

  40. Jean :

    cool! I will see what to send

  41. zures :

    best ni…tapi boleh print sendiri ke gambar tu…leceh la nak hantar kedai..nak cuci gambar…


  42. cikecah :

    i’m gona send one too!

  43. mimi :

    I love it…blog…of course…whenever..i’m new here…HOPE people come to my blog…selamat datang…

  44. hanafana :

    Wah! I wanna join too!!
    count me in!

  45. si hitam maness :

    i’ll be the nerd who send her passport pic.haha.=P

  46. Dak Wan :

    My Picture will joint you soon! Tqs Nuffnang!

  47. nuyin2u :

    My picture tooo

  48. epol :

    wah….mesti best ni…muahahahaha

  49. aidan amoy :


  50. M.E :

    kalu I lawa cam Hanis Zalikha nak gak i anta pic ;)

  51. ayeenmarzuki :

    wawi..must send one..ahahah:)

  52. imran samran :

    ok la

  53. shila :

    wohh!! must send that singapore awards event picture! it was like a second honeymoon to us as well! besides all the free trips and visits. :) thanks nuffnang!

  54. Lovely Emy :

    cool,~!! will send, hehe..

  55. mira :

    nice idea… perfect..!!!

  56. khadijah zek :

    wow…best nya…(^_^)

  57. kasih :

    wow..its great ya!!!

  58. Simon Seow :

    I’m the 2nd contributor lol

  59. yusra :

    it great…lovely design..yeah support nuffnang

  60. Liyana :

    have to try my luck lah..ihihi

  61. AngelKein :

    Crud, just read this. I would have done something earlier if I knew about it. Aww aww aww. Now I’ll probably be on the side of the board or something. ):

  62. Chia Wei :

    Still got space on the board?

    There’s plenty of space, so send your photos in! :)

  63. Marc :

    How much space left? Maybe you want to show us how its like now. Hehe…

  64. M I A :

    maybe a lipstick ink will be preferable? teehee. =D

  65. d ina pengantin :

    KAlo sya send gambar org kahwon leh x???

    Rasanya Laku x?


    Gambo blogger Nuffnang kahwon leh la. Kalau x, xle. :P

  66. mem :

    nak cuba jugaklah..mana tau kalo ader rezeki:D

  67. syamimi :

    letk gmbr boleh ehh…

  68. Irenelim :

    How does the wall look like now? Hehe…

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