Winning air tickets is as easy as 1,2,3!

If you missed out on the previous contest where we were giving out free air tickets, don’t be sad. You have another chance to be in the running to travel to places like exotic Turkey, beautiful Seoul, or very fashionable Tokyo for Free! makes booking flights so easy, and not to mention environmentally friendly with paperless check in. You could just access details like your flight status and latest deals available from the comfort of your mobile.

Isn’t it nice that booking air tickets and flying is so much easier now? You know what else is easy? Joining this video contest is as easy as 1,2,3!


MAS is giving away attractive flight destinations as prizes for a special video contest coming your way this January 2010. Taking part in it is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1
Shoot a video of yourself rapping, singing, miming or reciting poetry a la Romeo and Juliet. It’s all up to you. The video has to be about how easy it is to fly with, i.e. “, as easy as….”. For example, some ideas that have been running through the Nuffies head are: is as easy as blogging! Or is as easy as eating pie!

Step 2
After shooting your awesome video, upload it into Youtube and write a blog entry that includes your video and this link, in either Bahasa Melayu, English or Mandarin.

Step 3
Send your Youtube link and your blog entry’s permalink to Remember to include your full name, e-mail and mobile number for us to contact you if you win!

And that’s it, you’re all set! The most creative video highlighting how easy with will win

Grand Prize: 2X return tickets to Istanbul
1st runner up: 2X return tickets to Tokyo/Seoul
2nd runner up: 2X return tickets to any ASEAN destination

Need more inspirations? Check this out!

The contest ends on 11.59pm, 5 Feb 2010. Start shooting your video and you could be on your way to exotic Istanbul…


Or to beautiful Seoul…


Or shopping up a storm in Tokyo!


We won’t mind if you do the chicken dance, sing like Lady Gaga or anything that tickles your fancy, really. Just use your creativity. We’re looking forward to watch your videos!

Get the cameras rolling now!

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Kancilbiru :

    Adehhh…terliur nih!~~

  2. aifaa :

    omg i wannaaaaaaaaaaa!

  3. Xiaopei :

    Where to see previous contest winner??

    The winners for the previous contest has not been announced yet. MAS is having a tough time as there were many participants in the contest. Please be patient. Rest assured that once the winners have been selected, all participants will be informed.

  4. Little Mama™ :

    video eh? me got no talent ;)

  5. Zaid :

    nice… i will participate…

  6. aidura :

    gosh! this is gonna be some show!..i’ll try to come up with one..huhuhu..can’t imagine putting myself in youtube..

  7. ika :

    ohhh i soooooo want to go to seoul! wanna be where my favourite idol group is! hehe. too bad i don’t have the guts to capture myself singing or reciting poems lolz. cant even imagine myself doing that. ;P by the way good luck to the others who’re lookin forward to participate! :)

  8. Jonathan Kuek :

    Hi nuffies,

    May I know the dateline? Thanks!

    It’s stated in the blog post – 11.59pm, 5 Feb 2010

  9. RaMa2UnGu :

    gosh..when i can fly again..??

  10. z@ck :

    wow! cool!

  11. Jinwei :

    sounds awesome ;D, brainstorming for creative video!

  12. Nor Ramli :

    This is cool…

  13. rabiatul adawiyah :

    1,2,3 actions!!! :D

  14. CikLilyPutih :

    wow interesting,
    will give a shoot!

  15. Ariff Suffian :

    My post :)

  16. izzzah :

    WOW!great yah

  17. Roslan :

    wow! its great…sighhh… i dun have talent in video action..haha..emm..should i try this???hmmm =)

  18. Azizwan :

    wuhaa.. menarik.. nk kena cuba ni..

  19. pu3 :

    eeemmmm menarik and tertarik siot

  20. Adam :

    Menarik. Mencuba dan boleh terbang kalau menanag :)

  21. bspotgurl :

    Erkkkk, interesting!!!!

  22. hilmi :

    hohohhohoho……i want…i want…

  23. moneyads4u :

    wow funtastic prize to be grab. Let chase it pal. No waiting or mingling grab it now !!!

  24. zaradgreat :

    sounds cool!

  25. taufulou :

    fuyoh…istanbul or tokyo..i think i m going to try my luck this round~

  26. Azizul :

    i’ve try to shoot a video. phailed big time. this awesome contest has no chance 4 me to win :(

  27. luq :

    my blog entry –
    my youtube video –

    check it out!

  28. shirls :

    Just wonder, do u have to be part of the nuffnang community to join this contest? Can I write a post in my blog to encourage my blog readers to enter the contest?

    The contest is only open for Nuffnang bloggers and the public

  29. sWeEtDaRLinG :

    i will try… got the idea already…. :)

  30. ween :

    this is a GREAT! I’m gonna try my luck on this :D

  31. singdreams :

    Am i too late for this ?haha

  32. izuma78 :

    nak try …nak tryy..heheh

  33. sheda :

    dalam video ni mesti ada diri sendiri or the scenery or anything else besides ourselves would be enough?

  34. khonilious :

    what about if i play music instrument?

  35. farhani :

    let’s try!

  36. nur9889 :

    one said that we can shoot a video of ourselves rapping, singing, miming or reciting poetry. so, are those the options that we can choose, i mean either one or we can shoot ANY way we want?

    You can shoot anyway you want

  37. farhal :

    i waana it!!!

  38. iznie :

    wow! interesting contest! like it! :)

  39. seniaku :

    wow… im really excited!! there are a country that always be my dream.. ok, im start to think right now

  40. amree imran :


  41. Hakim :

    waduh2 bestnye…
    paling best yang seoul 2…

  42. vayastra :

    Is this just for Malaysian? Can Indonesian join too? Living in Indonesia,I meant

    The contest is only for Malaysian living in Malaysia.

  43. mka :


  44. nashays :

    lets try our luck

  45. ola oly :

    I try to create 1….nvr thought of featuring myself in you tube or maybe I’ll make my friends be in it too…hehe..

  46. Hazwan Hakim :

    pemenang yg buat post pasal flymas aru2 ni da umum blum/?

    Belum~ sabar, bang. :)

  47. lyana :

    cam best jer

  48. wawaa :


  49. gnesop :

    bila nak shoot ni.. idea dah ada..

  50. ohmywtf :

    Istanbul, Tokyo, here i come! :-)

  51. choon pei : as easy as laughing !!!!

  52. Choon Pei : is as easy as laughing !!!

  53. cik aina :


  54. Chiawei :

    Hey guys,come join us take part in this competition!
    Its interesting, simple and easy.
    Go to view through our video -as easy as laughing.
    Booking flymas’s flight ticket is indeed as easy as laughing,you can just simply book it through your mobile phone at anywhere and anytime,don’t you think that’s awesome?
    It makes life easier since everybody is getting busy nowadays!
    After booking your flight ticket,you can enjoy your vacation with yours love one happily.
    I think you could laugh heartily during your vacation.
    So,what wait?
    Come on guys,go to roam around the world with booking flymas flight ticket!! as easy as laughing!

  55. cintaqaseh :

    wow!!!…i wanna join..yeaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaa

  56. flyfonix :

    can we said, as easy as eating. then i’ll said again, as easy as laughing and more and more. or do we need to give one reason only?

    what should I mentioned in my blog?

    You can share whatever reason you think it is appropriate to be aligned with the term ‘easy’. It is a video contest and as such, blog post is not necessary.

  57. ieyda :

    nak g gak..hihi

  58. ieyda :

    it means that..we need to show how easy to use in our easy life

  59. aprilius20 :

    Oh? Blog post no necessary ka? Oops. Too late for that, haha. Here’s mine:

  60. A.I :


    mcm teringin je. hohoho

  61. gnesop :

    my entry:
    hope get some luck!!

  62. paichow87 :

    best nie.. kena try jugak..

  63. qist! :

    yeahh..da romantic
    dat’s sooo cool…
    and flyMas just making it easy just by entering this contest..

    btw,thanks for the opportunity..
    it’s such a great try by u guys..
    support flymas!!

  64. Kiraneko :

    Does it HAVE to be a video? Can it be an animation?

    Well, you can animate it till it’s a video!

  65. Kiraneko :

    I mean like can it be a cartoon video? Instead of shooting live action? Kind of like the maxis ads?

    It is entirely up to your creativity

  66. thiefbite :

    i already imagine myself flying to tokyo…heheheh.frank sinatra!

  67. arief :

    Wah, Tha’s interesting. wonderful

  68. Ipin :

    Wah, Gread to see

  69. Simon Seow :

    Blog post is not necessary? Then what is this?
    Step 2
    After shooting your awesome video, upload it into Youtube and write a blog entry that includes your video and this link, in either Bahasa Melayu, English or Mandarin.

    Ahh, missed that out. Yes blog post is necessary then. I’m glad that you do read the post instead of asking questions without reading

  70. Sheau Tian :

    I’m Malaysian. But now studying overseas.
    Am I still able to take part in this contest?
    My Video:


    Yes you are eligible, but you’ll need to collect the tickets from MAS in peson if you win though..

  71. sWeEtdARLinG :

    come and see my entry:

  72. asteroid :

    mmg menarik, dah lama x bercuti..

  73. a1zudd1n :

    wow..interesting :)

  74. Roze Boomerang : – as Easy as BREAKING UP! OMG!

  75. mem :

    alamak….nak joint juga…macamana ni tiggal 3 hari…. no idea?????

  76. Roze Boomerang :

    Oops, I referred to MAS page , it didn’t mentioned a blog post as a requirement. Only managed to send in the main blog link. Should I re-send the exact blog link?

  77. epoll :

    i want…i want…..:)

  78. bebelsokmo :

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……i have no time to join this contest…but i wanttttttttt

  79. Zaid :

    :-( baru je siap edit video… rupa-rupanya dah ada orang buat video sebijik macam aku buat… huwaaaaa…

  80. Lobam :

    baru siap tadi…

  81. mem :

    video i…tiba2 rosak….:(

  82. mem :

    ….i akan trus mencuba….make me happy:)

  83. Lobam :

    zam..hantar je..yang menilai pihak penganjur, bukan peserta. hantar je..

  84. ila :

    omg…lol guna video yg payah bih

  85. Lai Wei Lek :

    Hope im not too late..

    this is my entry — as easy as blink blink

    blog link–>
    youtube link–>

    Hope i’ll get lucky…all d best!!!

  86. Yoga :

    Wow! great contest… I never flew out of country before.. maybe this could be my chance to do it!

  87. Kiraneko :

    Made it… but when I sent my email with my contest entry, Nuffnang’s server was down. I wonder if they got my email?

    My entry :

    If your email didn’t get through, you’ll most likely receive a notification that the email didn’t go through. If that happens you’ll need to send again. If such notification didn’t show, that means it went through

  88. budakhutan :

    ahaks… inilah pernyertaan aku plak… malunyer akue!

    link Youtube –

    link blog –

    aku nak menang hadiah ke Jepun atau Korea!

  89. Kiraneko :

    Oops I was worried so I sent the email twice! So sorry about that Nuffnang. Thank you for the clarification on the email!

    Hope I win the Tokyo prize…

  90. :

    wooo…here’s our entry:

  91. fmajal :

    wuuiii..!!!! Great prize..!!!

  92. joegrimjow :

    hello guys
    i dont sleep yesterdey to finish this video
    enjoy it
    (but in malay ;-) )

    the video link

    the entry link

  93. QuirkyMalaysia :

    The entry:

    Youtube –


  94. Lobam :

    Dah tamat..tawakal aje. tunggu result..

  95. joegrimjow :

    just wondering whether my entry is accepted or not
    already submitted, but didnt get anything reply from MAS

    There will be no replies once you send in your entry to the email address.

  96. joegrimjow :

    when u guys will announce the winner?

  97. djambu :

    keputusan dah keluar ke belum?

  98. BudakhutaN :

    hehehe… semua teruja untuk tahu keputusan..
    me too… excited to know the result bebeh

  99. joegrimjow :

    takde respon plak
    ke dah umum dah?

  100. marmeet :

    Why is it taking so long to announce the winners? Can we know when the result will be out?

    There were a lot of good entries sent in. MAS is having a tough time picking the winners. Be patient, the winners will be announced very soon.

  101. boooo :

    hmmm…it’s been i guess 4 months since the contest ended and still no announcement? this is getting a little fishy!!

    The email announcing the winners have been sent out to all participants’ emails on the 8th of April

  102. :

    oh. you mean the results have been announced to all participants or only the winners? we took part but never received such emails though. just curious, who won???

  103. joegrimjow :

    yeah yeah
    who won?

    The winners have been announced on 8 April to all participants via email

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