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MAS recently launched, a mobile site where you can book your flights and check all necessary details from your mobile phone! Now Malaysians can book flights with MAS anywhere they want from their phones! Try it yourself! Just access and you’ll be able to navigate your way through it easily as the site is built for mobile access!

Aren’t you glad that flights booking has come this far? Of course, you are. ;)

Spread the word to your friends with the contest by MAS. Want to know what’s for grabs?


Yes! Free flights from MAS to Australia, ASEAN countries and domestic!!

All you have to do is just blog about the service in your blog and share how easy it is to book your flights with MAS. Then title your blog post ‘ – as Easy as 1, 2, 3’ and send an email to with your full name and permalink of your blog post and you’re done!

The contest ends on 11.59pm 30 December 2009. Hurry and start writing now!

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Ariff Suffian :

    I just completed mine :)

    Thanks guys

  2. chiligirl-shirley :

    wow!! just got to know Mas having this great service!!
    sure will spread this news!!! i want to fly too!!! cause i haven experience b4!! :)

  3. ada :

    great!!! ;)

  4. Abdullah Hafiz :

    done!!!sent already…

  5. Clive :

    Andddd I’m definitely joining! hoho

  6. eyriqazz :

    I don’t have a handphone with internet facility.Can i join this contest?

    Yes, you still can. The criteria is to share the news and not necessary have a mobile phone with net access.

  7. Jonathan Kuek :

    Hi nuffie, how many winners are entitled? or everybody wins? or its by nuffnang/MAS discretion?

    There are a total of 3 winners, 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

  8. Little Mama™ :

    wow, great prizes, will try for this as well.

  9. tarmizi :

    Menarik punya….boleh terbang bersama MAS…

  10. John :

    am i the first one to reply? gonna start writing is soon. good luck for me.

  11. Zaid :

    wokey dah join…

  12. kisahsensasi :

    i’am interested for this contest … unfortunately i’m of the staff…huhuhu

  13. Piston Pecah :

    language for this content??it is must in english?

    Nope. It can be written in Malay and Chinese as well.

  14. yanmie :

    i want to join this contest…

  15. Mohd Hisham Saleh :

    Tips for better entry post about is here –

  16. Aimi Liyana :

    I will try my luck now.. :)

  17. razi :


  18. mrkay :

    i still have to put title as ‘ – as Easy as 1, 2, 3’ even i write the blog post in malay?

  19. rabiatul adawiyah :

    will join.. yay!!

  20. kambingbujang :

    submitted my post. good luck to all

  21. asie :

    done with mine!

  22. asie :



  23. Little Mama :

    i sent my entry too

  24. rabiatul adawiyah :

    im done!! hehe.. pick me.. pick me.. :D

  25. rabiatul adawiyah :

    wrongly put my email address.. :(
    that’s why i didn’t receive any notification.. hahaha.. sorry nuffnang.. :D

  26. Joshualaw :

    Great! ^^

  27. Ms Pancake :


  28. ada :

    i’m done!


  29. jipp :

    interesting but I’m not a fan of MAS. I’d rather wait for Air Asia to come out with their own version then I’ll blog about it.. :-)

  30. KahMun :

    Just done and pick me
    i’ve been a great kid this year:]Hahaha

  31. Iylia :

    Entry submitted :)

  32. vOon :

    pick me tooooooo!!!

  33. youliang :

    how would i know if nuffnang receive my email about the link?

    If we don’t receive it, you’ll receive a bounce email alert. :)

  34. sabahking :

    I done it.

  35. Eija :

    feel free to visit mine!
    I’ve made an entry about it too

  36. kaezrin :

    submitted mine

  37. si budak aboi :

    wow ! i has join de contest !

  38. si budak aboi :

    submit already yuhu.=)

  39. zaila :

    definitely will try my luck!!

  40. zwairy :

    i want to share with all of u~

  41. jard :

    just joined myself……. ehehehe

  42. ella :

    done! =D

  43. Shimmers999 :

    i’ve submitted…

    but just a question, i’ve included the pic of the add too but when i view the post, and click on the pic, it doesn’t go to the MAS site… how ah?

    You mean the picture of the ads? Well, if you’ve taken a screenshot the image is practically just an image. When you post up an image, if you want it to be hyperlinked to another address, you’ll have to code it yourself.

  44. ratusalju :

    i’m done!here u are…

  45. foodies :

    Hi, I’m a Malaysian who stay in Australia and using Nuffnang Aus. Wondering can i join this competition?

    Yes, of course!

  46. HazwanHakim :

    I finish my tired…hehehe

  47. Aishah Noordin :

    I’ve posted mine as well….

  48. Byzura Razali :


    I’ve submitted.


  49. Fird :

    I’m joining!

  50. Noor Hafizah binti Hussain :

    i’m done this!

  51. Sya :

    I have posted my entry..

    Here check it out

  52. eyriqazz :

    I’ve submitted

  53. yus :

    done. submitted tru email

    here it is

  54. Joshualaw :

    I’ve just submitted! *fingers crossed!* ;)

  55. nicko :


  56. shahroll photo :

    IM DONE!! FUaahh

  57. reeve yong :

  58. Sufian Othman :

    Check my entry and comment are welcomes

  59. 汶介 :

    submitted. yeah !

  60. Mommy Lyna :

    this is my entry :)

  61. Eric Yong :

    I’ve done my super long post too!!!!!

  62. eric :

    mmm i’ve submitted already also!!!!!!!

  63. Mommy Lyna :


  64. Roslan :

    watch mines

  65. dreamydolls :

    ohhh… finally…. i posted mine….

  66. Kak aNIe :

    Hi Nuffnang….

    I did it….

  67. NORAFIZA :

    im done…heheh

  68. ina camar :

    plzz… read my N3…

  69. nazlieza :

    i already join this contest =)

  70. noor afzan :

    dear nuffnang,

    I’ve posted mine as well….

    link :

  71. aman shah :

    this contest are cruel….

    i can’t join this contest…


    so sad….

    i’m MAS staff….

    so can’t join….


    never mind…

    i still have FREE ticket…


  72. maimanas :

    try click this

  73. Nizaa :

    Done writing…check out my post here:

  74. staytune :

    exciting contest and sure like as it says as easy 1,2,3……………….

  75. intanurulfateha :

    .dear nuffy~

    .im done
    .here is my link —-

  76. hilmi :

    Takut tempat tinggi la. Tak boleh nak join contest ni.

  77. Mohd Azli :

    why i’m not noticing this… Being busy with my blog setting.


  78. RabiaSensei :

    Hi guys,

    Just notice the competition.
    Done it. Submitted. Fuhh (-_-‘)

  79. Pauline Tan :

    Hi, I just posted in my blog. Pls enter me.

    Here is my link:


  80. suara sizuka :

    im done..

    this is my first join Nuffnang contest…

    my link

  81. ilzahani :

    Best niii,,,,,leh lepak ilang tension.

  82. iswatie :


    wish me luck!

  83. Kamal :

    My entry,

  84. theeggyolks :

    Just posted mine with some flash thingy!

    good luck everyone!

  85. Adrian :

    Check this out..

  86. preciselysuzy :

    here’s my posting bout ….thanx!

  87. Baiti :

    hi check me out…already email too

    here my blog entry about Flymas Mobi

  88. Jess :

    Bring me to Australia !!!

  89. Syazana :

    did it already!!check this out~

  90. HazwanHakim :

    my post here..–-as-easy-as-123/

  91. Aini :

    Hope am not too late to join!

  92. Shahanaz Abdul Rahim :

    my post on… =)

  93. jam :

    Here is mine –

  94. kak ina kl :

    This is my N3

  95. MommyLina :


    Seems my link earlier today didn’t appear.
    My entry at


  96. Jing-leBelle :

    Luckily i’m still can join on time..hahahaha..
    Anyway, here’s my blogpost!

  97. Michael Kon :

    heres my entry, luckily still in time!hehe

  98. satkuru :

    I hope i am not too late >.<! lol

    happy new year everyone ;)

  99. Jeremy :

    my entry:

  100. Leon :

    perfect n3! xD

  101. juli1202 :

    Here’s my blogpost!

  102. kambingbujang :

    who is the winner????

    Please do be patient. The client needs time to go through all the postings to be able to pick the winners. :)

  103. haswida abu bakar :

    this my first contest entrance:

  104. Michelle :

    when will the winners be announced?

    MAS is still going through the entries as there are a lot of submissions. Please do be patient. :)

  105. Lil Ms Thong :

    result out d ah?

  106. Chong :

    When will the results be out? It’s been about coming to the sixth month already.

    All participants have already been notified of the results via email

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