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Remember the KDU Open Day for Hospitality that happened sometime earlier this year? If you didn’t, did a post to cover that event, which you can check out here

On Saturday December 12, 2009, that’s next Saturday, KDU College is having their new annual big open day at KDU College, at the Damansara Jaya campus, and we’re inviting you Nuffnangers to be a part of it!

Let me tell you what’s in store for you at the KDU Open Day:

At 9am, Kenny Sia from will arrive at KDU College once again! This time, he will be making a short speech, sharing his experience during his high school years, transitioning to his college years, until the blogging superstar he is today! BTW, if you didn’t know who Kenny Sia is, where have you been?!


After that we will have a quick campus tour, followed up with some exciting workshop activities, ending with lunch at about 1.30pm.

Programme Itinerary for Saturday, Dec 12, 2009 (for Nuffnangers!)


Arrival and breakfast (Venue: Room LHE) with Pre-University students and lecturers


Arrival of students and parents for Pre-University Scholarship Briefing


Welcome and Introduction by Head of Pre-University


Talk: “Life After High School”, by Kenny Sia


Kenny and other bloggers to move to radio studio for first workshop


Mass Communication: “Radio Production”


Engineering: “Smart Home & House Wiring”


Information Technology: “Website Management From The Perspective Of A Blogger”


Law: “Mock Trial Video”


Culinary: “Cuisines, Culinary and Molecular Experience”




Pre-U: “Mathematics Puzzle”


Pre-U: “CSI Investigation”

Now let me give you the best part of this Open Day for you Nuffnangers out there, KDU is giving away RM1,000 cash in total to the top 3 post-event blog coverage of the Open Day. So what are you waiting for?! Come by to the KDU Open Day at KDU College, Damansara Jaya, on Saturday, December 12, 2009 at 9.00am and enjoy a morning with!

Submit your post-event blog coverage by Dec 16, 2009 to

For more information on the Open Day, check out

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  1. Kelvin Tan :

    Ooh, hope it won’t be packed that day. LOL. By the way, it’s 9am not 9.30am as bolded, right?

  2. DaHLia :

    This is also great!!!
    I wish I could be there…

  3. Serge Norguard :

    now will that be RM1000 each or split between the top 3 ?

  4. Joshualaw :

    I’m not in west Malaysia~ T.T

  5. shahroll photo :

    hello Nuffnang!! i will go KDU next week.. :)

  6. Feeq :

    I wish I could go…But Me & my click organizing Battle of The Band @ Sunway Pyramid on that day…haiz…

  7. rabiatul adawiyah :

    i will come.. ;)

  8. aidi-safuan :

    wow!!!i want RM 1000!!!!

  9. Jimmy Teh :

    WIll go Have a LOOK!

  10. Mohd Afiq :

    Wah KDU wat Open day..
    macam best ni..kena p ni..
    Dapat 1000..Bagus KDU..Peluang yang dinantikan..Nak jugak..Hehe..

  11. Abdullah Hafiz bin Hussin :

    surely i will go…RM1000 here i come…

  12. siti :

    wow…harap dpt kesana..

  13. aidi-safuan :

    already sent the post event blog coverage!

  14. Abdullah Hafiz :

    Done!!!sent already

  15. aidi-safuan :

    hurm…no update about this?

    Please do be patient. :)

    Judges are taking time to evaluate the entries

  16. Abdullah Hafiz bin Hussin :


  17. aidi-safuan :

    I already received the call from nuffnang about the prize giving event at KDU. but still no confirmation email from nuffnang. hope to hear from nuffnang soon. :)

    Hi Aidi, just be patient. Your prize will definitely come to you soon. ;)

  18. aidi-safuan :

    Too bad the prize giving ceremony at KDU was canceled last minute. :(
    now waiting the prize giving ceremony at nuffnang HQ office. :)

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