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  1. YobSumo :


  2. YobSumo :

    hah, I’m first lah. they should give me the ticket! wooohoooooooo

  3. Cindy Fong :

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..Finally come out already. Waited for long time already. Gah (^.^) * Excited *

  4. jo :

    NEW MOON!!! woo,love it. <3

  5. Valerie :

    ohmygawd. I was praying for this to happen. Premier screening for “New Moon” !!!

  6. Alrin Lee :

    wah…. look like a romantic movie…
    must go watch with her…

    ^^but first must write the blog and get the ticket!!^^

  7. sanjay :

    wow cant wait for this show to come out ! ahh later need to think of a good blog post to win it @@

  8. Jimmy :

    Just posted =]!

  9. kimhaur :

    wow new release!!screening again!!!nuffnang best !!
    but i think i will take part in the ninja assasin 1….this give chance to other nuffnangers.

  10. bora :

    Hi there…

    I’ve done mine.. My first Nuffnang-related entry.. My first Nuffnang contest jugak.. hehe..
    By the way, sent you the email already..

    Just wanna share with others.. Here’s my permalink:

  11. yus :

    1st commentator?!

    uuh..will be rite back with post sooon!!

  12. azree :

    Yes, i’m the first commentator..
    ok, i will send the permalink soon, now on editing process, hehe : love u nuffnang, so many activities u gave us

  13. Jard :

    Oh my GOD! Oh my GOD!! can’t wait!!!

  14. Ashley :

    wish i could win the tickets but i guess i won’t..
    my english suck.

  15. asstha :

    awww shucks… i was abt to join the contest n den i checked the screening date… i will b out of town dat day… shucks… oh well… nxt time… n i’ll proly go catch it in Gardens instead…

  16. Kong Loong :

    i just submitted my entry….
    i manage to find a funny clip that review the movie in minutes…

  17. Meikheng :

    how to participate in this mini competition???

    Just follow the instructions laid down in the blog post

  18. jazmint :

    half way of spm. sigh!

  19. Michelle :

    Submitted my entry.
    Hope I do win =)
    *pray pray pray pray*
    *finger crossed*

  20. cathenclox :

    premier screening ni kat singapore ke?

    No, the premiere screening is at KL

  21. joannegoh :

    submitted too! (:

  22. ahkon :

    hey nuffnang.
    its the first time ever i try this kinda contest.
    have a look at my page will ya.

    thanks. muahsss

  23. Aimi Liyana :

    I love EDWARD CULLEN so much.!!! :)

  24. ABEL :

    I’m so gonna join this! :)

  25. aidura :

    i’m sooooo gonna wolf!

  26. atiqah :

    wow can’t wait to watch..would like to join but need to study first…

  27. Daniel :

    Alright that date I should be around in KL. Gonna draft the post right now. Thanks for the opportunity

  28. JeffreySoon :

    1st time I write an entry to win the nuffnang premiere…
    Hope to win it!!

  29. Jeanie; :

    OHMYGOOOOD! Can’t wait for it to come out! :)

  30. Shiau Lee :

    Posted a post on the reasons i like the twilight saga… but, at the same time, i found a blog that wrote 101 reasons why The Twilight Saga Sucks…. check the link in my post…

  31. aidura :

    Done mine!

    Have a visit guys..


  32. Mohamad Hafez :

    Bella is hot stuff. =)

  33. Cynthia Kim :

    Another teenage flick.

  34. DD :

    Wow … twilight is back … yippeeee!

  35. rose :

    OMG!!!edward cullens…looking forward for new moon…

  36. cikYana :

    i’m going to join this
    check out

  37. edwin :

    I’m gonna catch you out !!

  38. shahroll :

    nice!! want go to Damansara… :)

  39. Jennifer Chai :

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!
    I wanna to be there!!
    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!
    Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine….

  40. ILana :

    Blog entry DONE!!!

    Hellooooowww NEW MOON!

  41. Michielle :

    Oh no, not at Damansara again?! Do u know how hard is it for ppl who dont have transport to travel to there?! Can Nuffnang pls make it in KL?!

  42. tediously :

    Hi all! I have submitted mine too. Come take a look. :)

  43. dillazag :

    Yeay! Am jumping into the bandwagon. Pick me, pick me, please.. :)

  44. fareesya :

    i want to join too!

  45. comel :

    goin crazy wif the guy huhuhu

  46. Eric Oye :

    Nice one, i will post it real soon by today…go go go!

  47. pu3 :

    Just post only.

  48. Cweelee :

    here mine..

  49. eeping :

    i have been waiting the New moon for sooooooooooooo long edi…..Finally, it’s out….hooray~~

  50. anis :

    can i write the entry in bahasa?
    my english kinda bad, actually..

    Yes you may. :)

  51. ryoya :

    Blog entry done..Just posted..

  52. Eric Oye :

    Had done my post, hope it is worth for me to win the premier screening. (put in effort for it)


  53. Dyra :

    owh MY!

  54. Elyza CH :

    Here is my post, let check it out of my Howling at new Moon…..

  55. sasa :

    I have did mine :)

  56. Anis Syahirah :

    this is mine..
    hope will get the ticket.. hihi.. :)

  57. eyriqazz :

    This is my entry:

  58. Pinqib :

    I wanna watch it., but here in sungai petani, not yet available.
    Edward is mine

  59. Cayenne Lim :

    I must really watch this! check out my entry!

  60. Cherrie :

    Can the tickets be passed to other friends/family members if the blogger can’t make it at the last minute?

    No, tickets are non-transferable

  61. rabiatul adawiyah :

    Thank you nuffnang.. Every contest i joined and hopefully i got new moon ticket.. Thanks!! Pick me.. :)

  62. azree :

    Aha! i was wrong actually, sorry mr/mrs moderator: (i posted a comment that said i’m the first commentator: so sorry (malunya),.. haha. So, this is what i did for new moon.. awuu!!!!!

    Be prepared, not only edward cullen can give the butterfly in your stomach, mine also can, haha

    so, to share with others, this is my permalink for the post. Do to leave comment there ah? see you klik klik:

  63. copykate :

    finally done my post.

    yayyyyyy can’t wait to watch it! seems really interesting XD

  64. Skellington :


    Thanks for the opportunity :D

  65. rabiatul adawiyah :

    Howling at the New Moon on my blog.. Wahhaaa!!! I cant wait to watch the twilight saga new moon..

    My permalink :

  66. ohmerah :

    waah. so sweet! Can’t wait..

  67. Jimmy :

    This is my blog post

  68. Tany :

    Here’s my entry… win or not, I’m still excited about New Moon!

  69. ija :

    cant wait to seee!!!!!!!! really excited!!

  70. chinshen :

    just posted!! cant wait to watch this great movie way!! love it la haha!!

  71. maduz :

    Can’t wait to howl with Jacob Black!!!~

  72. SophiaYeleChin :

    Haiya, too bad i’m having my ACCA exams. Sigh.

  73. Seonpcs :

    here mine….


  74. shanim :

    emailed my entry. just in case u missed it, here’s the link

    all together now….AwuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuAwuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuAwuuuuuuuu

  75. Maduz :

    Awwwwuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuwwwuuuuuuuuuuuuu…hehe…i wonder how does Edward and the vampires sounds like? :p

    Here is my permalink:

  76. Debbie :

    posted mine!
    oh edward come and be mine! haha

    here’s my permalink!

  77. Audrey :

    Awesome Nuffnang AWESOME!

    Finally Updated on my post =)

    click for laughs

  78. Sam :

    Finally updated on my post =)

    click for laughs!

  79. earnword :

    hoho..i hope i can watch this vampire films with her!!

  80. iza :

    CAnt wait to watch this movie…..

  81. ihsan :

    woohooo, new moon begins!
    i can’t wait..!!

  82. YingJie :

    OMGGGG,this is so finally finally!!!=DDDD

  83. chinshen :

    Forgotten to put the permalink:

  84. Suhada :

    Sent and waiting for a good news. Click the link below for ur reading pleasure…

  85. Afra Yuri :

    Done mine!
    I want the tickets so badly and I know I will get em’ hehe ;P

  86. BabyMocha :

    I’m in love with Twilight series! <3

  87. azly :

    wow wee…bulan baru

  88. manager :

    citer romance ke nih,huhuhu,blm nengok lg neh

  89. supermummy :

    here’s my entry!

  90. Ashley :

    just sent in my entry today :) hope that i’m one of the chosen 30 lucky bloggers!

  91. Emeryn :

    I just can’t wait for it!

  92. Tisha Kristen :

    Oh wow, I’m such a late comer>.>
    Anyway, I have come to share my post!
    It’s really okay if I dont win but I would love to.
    I had fun doing it(:

  93. thetraveljunkielady :

    awe to edward & howl to jacob! (and yeah, to bella too!) (^__^)

  94. Yin :


  95. Kennee :

    Who let the dawgs out!!??? Aooouu aaaooouuu aoooouuuuuuu~~~

  96. sofia :

    Is it still available for me to joined this contest if i submit my permalink on saturday or sunday?

  97. shanim :

    I WON! i WON!!!!

    thank you soooooooo much Nuffnang!! you just made my day!!!

    i’ll see you at the premier!! the effort is so worth it!

    all together again…AwuuuuuuuuuAwuuuuuuuuuuuu

  98. Jojo :

  99. seonpcs :

    this movie premiere screening invitation sent dy???

    oh….din get invited

  100. Jard :

    just joined.. ehehe.. here’s my link

  101. demie :

    i didnt get it either. :(

  102. Jimmy :

    NOooo did not Win

  103. Carmen :

    but it seems so unfair.. i realized no one from nuff visited my blog or blogpost.. ive entered all nuff screening and won a few and always have nuff peeps like ghimghim visiting my blog before they send invite but now nobody from nuff.. wtf..

    goodbye jacob… SOB

    Hi Carmen, not all of us Nuffnang staffs keep our Nuffnang accounts logged in when we visit blogs. As such, our presence are not necessary revealed from the Nuffnang analytics under Community

  104. Nadira :

    I GOT THEM!!I GOT THEM!I was literally screaming in my house for a good 5mins when i saw i got th tix!AAAHHH!I can’t believe.Ill be th lucky first fews to see it!AHH,googoogahgah!TEAM BELLA represent!Love u KStew.:)

    for yr viewing pleasure.hope u guys like it.


  105. Nadira :


  106. ivy :

    nuffnang,can we get the list of the winner.i wanted to read their blog too!!
    i am now totally devastated i didnt won it!…i am crying!!!!!

    :( :( :(

    Hi Ivy, the winners list will not be listed as this is just a mini contest. We assure you that you’ll be able to see 30 bloggers with their guests collecting the invites on the screening day itself. Don’t be sad as there are plenty of movie screenings within our community. Try again the next one. ;)

  107. shanim :


    right on! lets howl together on Wednesday!! congrats to u too!

  108. Tany :

    Oh.. invitation has been sent out? I guess I didn’t win :(

  109. Eric Oye :

    Hi Admin,

    The invitation of new moon already sent out? I saw few ppl mentioned that they got the invites already?

  110. Eric Oye :

    Haih, i din get the invitation….gosh…kind of disappointed…

  111. Emeryn :

    Yeay! I got the tickets too!

    Let’s be ready to howl with Jacob Black!

    See u guys there next Wed!

  112. demie :

    has all 30 tickets been sent out already?

    Hi Demie.

    Yes, they have been sent out.

  113. fraulein :

    Hi, just wondering after we sent out email to confirm the attendance, are we suppose to get another email from Nuffnang? My line had been a little crazy these days and I’m wonder if my confirm email had reach Nuffnang or not.

    No additional emails will be sent if you’ve confirmed. However, if you have not, you’ll be sent an email to inform you your invites have been revoked.

  114. Elyza CH :

    I didnt get the ticket…so sad…huhuhu

  115. Afra Yuri :

    Got the tickets! my craziness for Edward paid off. Im so freakingly excited! THANK YOU NUFFNANG!! muah..See u guys there ;)

  116. Kiran :

    Sigh.. You folks are so lucky! How am I supposed to watch if I win? I am staying in US :D Susah ler! But can I get free tickets for end of Dec? ;) Coz I would be back for a 2 month break then :D

    I’m afraid that’s not possible as the invites are only usable on the Premiere Screening itself

  117. Ethel Sian :

    This is my entry :-) Enjoy!

  118. Tany :

    Thanks to whichever blogger who did not reply confirmation of attendance, I have received an invite! Thank you sooo much Nuffnang! I”m extremely excited for tomorrow :D

  119. dartyard :

    plz i realy want a ticket..

  120. tze :

    hey ! thank you so much for choosing me, nuffnang! :D

    Anyway i was just wondering if I need to bring any documents along with me tonight for the identification as the blogger you chose? And the mail stated “tickets will be given out in the lobby”. Where exactly is the lobby? Pls reply ASAP, as the screening is tonight!!


    The lobby refers to the lobby of the cinema

  121. wan2911 :

    nice movie ever!!
    buy me a ticket :p

  122. Leen :

    I think should be quite interesting story !

  123. Meor Amri :

    Both the books for my girls. Now I am interested to read them as well!

  124. dau5 :

    fantastic comedy

  125. mysm :

    dah tengok citer ni semalam…ok laa but the ending is not as i expected..huhuu :)

  126. edwin :

    watched the movie already…not as intersting as twillight 1 :)

  127. nik :

    visit my blog okey!~~ New Moon~~ I’m sure everybody like it.

  128. nik :

    NEW MOON – Trailer :

  129. Rin@ :

    OmG,mY fAvOuRiTe Tv ShOw ……. I wAnT 2 waTcH iT bUt I cAnT ….. cAuSe I LiVe At sAbaH…..wEEEEkkkkkkk …. bOlEh X tAyAnGkAn KaT sABah…. PlZszSzsss…… I rEalLY2 WanT 2 WaTcH iT……. mAmY dAdDy SenT ME 2 KLLLLL i waNt 2 wATcH iT……wEkKkK :)) I WanT tO wAtCh It ReaLlY2 WaNt..

  130. wendy :

    very handsome and pretty

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