Playboy is in town – Check it out!


is launching their brand new line of men’s fragrances here at Mid Valley with a smashing 2-level road show, and we want you to be a part of this exciting event!
They are all out to charm everyone in town and they’re even bringing in a Lamborghini just to show you what the fun side of life should be; hand in hand with their fragrances for men, perfect for charming the ladies.


Now, to all the beautiful lady Nuffnangers out there, Playboy has not forgotten about you. Playboy is all about their Playboy Bunnies and on Saturday, Oct 10, from 4-6pm, Playboy wants to reward all the ladies that come to the road show as Playboy Bunnies!

How are you going to be rewarded? How about with a brand spanking new Burberry handbag?

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Not good enough? How about a Prada handbag?!

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Yes! Playboy has purchased not 1 but TWO luxury handbags worth RM5000 to be given out at the road show on Saturday, Oct 10, 4-6pm!

If you want to be the new owner of the above Prada or Burberry handbag, just show up at the road show at that time in your sexiest Playboy Bunny outfit; garner votes as the favourite “bunny” from the crowd, and WIN one of the 2 handbags up for grabs!

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Now if you’re thinking that you really have to come dressed in a Playboy bunny suit like the image above, don’t fret, you probably couldn’t anyway since it’s a shopping mall. All you really need to do is dress up in something like this,

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and we’ll provide the bunny ears!

There will only be 30 bunny ears to be provided to the first 30 hotties that register as a bunny at the Playboy road show. Only girls with the bunny ears will be qualified to win these luxury handbags. Each bunny registered will also be presented a Playboy Gift Pack worth RM70!

So all you bag lovers out there, come by to the Playboy road show, wear those bunny ears, and win them handbags!

Click here for more info on Playboy Fragrances

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  1. Jimmy :

    Wooo it would be fun to watch

  2. :

    got to see.. hehe very niche like my blog

  3. Kelvin Tan :

    Um, so what’s in stalled for men >.<

  4. aidi-safuan :

    wow! i like dat~

  5. Daniel :

    After reading this tagline Only girls with the bunny ears will be qualified to win these luxury handbags., that must have been like the ultimatum for guys who wanted to pose as a playboy bunny. LOL

  6. azhar :

    shoot for girls only! hahaha

  7. bboyrice :

    what about the guys??? =3=

  8. Victor Bay :

    Another great event by Nuffnang!! :( issh.. why am i studying so far away.. I always can’t attend the event! ahhh… anyways! me always support Nuffnang!! jia you!!

  9. Vivian Lye :

    Oh my! I wish I can be one of the hotties! =P
    & I want to win the handbag!

  10. hurleyz :

    Bunny fiesta eh? That’s cute, too bad guys can’t be bunnies. Big Bad Wolf, can? =P

  11. Suet Yee :

    Sexy bunny is in town! Nice event for girls =)

  12. Voon Pui San :

    the first 30 registered on the roadshow means oct 7 or oct 10?

    The first 30 who come on Oct 10, at 4pm to register as bunnies will be given goodies from Playboy worth RM70.

  13. hitomi :

    interesting but have to go for Photomarathon!! good luck to those BUnnies ^^

  14. Denise :

    I totally adore this..
    But I have transport problems.. T___T
    All the best!!!

  15. philberttsk :

    wow.. looking forward to d event o..

  16. Entertainment and artist blog : will be a good moives to see

  17. Reiko :

    Sure will got lots of buaya going too! Hhahahahaha~ XD

  18. Geogy :

    Wow! Cool! Hmm… can I represent my girl to wear that bunny ears and win the bag for her?! LOL!

  19. Spectre :

    I serious doubt i will wearing a bunny suit since I’m a guy……

  20. Darren Chan :

    I feel left out but I’m not complaining about the hot bunnies! ;)

  21. Elaine :

    Wow! I like bunnies……*gu chit gu chit!!*

    But, sorry, I have bunnies panty only..but not outfit…heheheh!

  22. mysm :

    ermm best tengok pompuan pakai seksi ngan bunny ears…

  23. DD :

    I’m not staying in KL …. any events in sarawak ?

  24. wendypua :

    i may go and have a look, wat a event , enjoy it :)

  25. hazwan :

    best ke tgk?

  26. Jenny C :

    Alamak, i ni jantan, cemana pula?
    I nak jadi playboy boleh?

  27. Ronnie :

    yes, what for boy?

  28. suhaizat :

    i will go..interested…

  29. sayahappyslalu :

    wow, it would be great if I can get free ticket for this.. :)

  30. Angie :

    Eh…chick got plenty but not hot…somemore did not wear like any of the above leh…=( all fully covered..=( tak syiok la!

  31. Johnny :

    Wah…..Beautiful girl:)
    I want to be playboy..

  32. Lyn Yusoff :

    OMG!!!.. i like that
    c u there!!!

  33. twiseJ :

    nice one! no play=>no boy!

  34. Pinkabell :

    Oh no! I missed it!! Lovess Playboy <33 !! Bunniesss!!

  35. sah90 :

    What will it’s look like if Boy wearing bunnies?
    Strange …(^_^)

  36. :

    Great movie. love to see this movie second time

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