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  1. chingy :

    How do I stop him?

    Sneak into the prison as pose as his fellow inmate; locked behind the same bars! Of course need to plan an ingenious plan beforehand. :D

  2. Myhorng :

    best way is to kill the killer behind bars before he kills the rest. but human rights in US, just move that killer from one jail to the other every 3 months before he ever could get close to whoever in the prison. this will basically minimize the possibility of him manage to remote control the kills due to communication barrier to the outside world.

  3. Cweelee :

    how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    I will have him a 6 star world class service so he wouldn’t think of killing again…

  4. azhar :

    How do I stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    Well since the killer is Gerard Butler, I’m guessing I’d go to Hillary Swank’s mom from P.S I Love You. After all, she was the one who helped him sent out all those letters even when he’s dead. So most probably she helped him again except that now, she kills!


  5. DanielCtw :

    How Do I stop a killer behind bars?

    Hmm.. ahhh.. I know, put a female convict there and he rather stay behind bars than trying to get out. Lame~~~

  6. Zeck :

    The best way to stop a killer who is already behind bars? Well it’s easy!! Brainwash him by introducing him blogging. Last but not least let him know about Nuffnang™- Asia-Pasific’s First Blog Advertising Community. In return, he shall become one of the outstanding blogger and indirectly stopped him from committing any murders in future. (^-^)

  7. yungchien :

    A killer who is already behind bars, are probably geniuses who planned ahead of time. Thus, to capture him, we probably need professional chess players with the mind of a criminal and willing to be challenged to satisfy their desire of “playing a game”, so that he is more than willing to counter the assassinations done by the killer behind bars, and “win the game”.

  8. hurleyz :

    To stop a killer who is already behind bars is easy, especially if he’s a man. Just offer cash, chicks and chivas. Every man will melt like butter! =P

  9. Sanjay a/l S.Sasietharan :

    how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    i will stop a killer who is already behind bars by chaining his hand to the wall and his legs to the grounds as well as putting a heavy metal mask on his face so he would not see the daylight anymore. with this, he will never escape.

  10. Iman :

    I wll stop a killer who is already behind bars by hiring Jason Bourne (one of the best CIA agent/killer) to kill the killer or hiring James Bond to do the job as he has a licence to kill and willing to do it for free

  11. Jeff :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    I’m sure that the person who is behind bar is the mastermind and that he would have duplicates of him outside world, to stop him I need to torture and force him to slit his word out so that I can stop his dupe on the outside word.. Sound familiar huh? Movie freak here XD..

  12. Alvin Lim :

    I’ll counseling the killer, brainwash him and guide him back on the right track.

  13. yongkailoon :

    Simple, I’ll just tell the killer that if he wants to win premiere screening passes, be good.

  14. Anderson Law :

    I will hired another murderer to kill him.

  15. Joyce Lee :

    I will make the killer to work 24/7 shift on cleaning the jail, cutting grass and etc to make him busy all the time. Hahahahhaha…

  16. anna :

    i think i should kill da killer first ahahahha

  17. Paul Cheh :

    Best way will of course by disallowing anyone to visit the killer anymore and have all time police to guard the killer in his jail. Then pass him all the wrong info saying that all the people he wanted to kill are dead.

  18. Tallboyz :

    how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    Tell him I will be getting 2 premier tickets from Nuffnang and willing to share the ticket with the killer so he he won’t kill me.

  19. LeeteNg :

    I will stop a killer who is already behind bars by showing him the love that Nuffnang had given all along to the bloggers to stop him from killings!

  20. adriaclw :

    Tell him let’s go to a bar to enjoy life. Life ain’t just killing.

  21. asstha :

    I’d monitor the killer very closely and monitor all his POCs (point of contacts) at the jail (they might b helping him carry out his devious plan) … or best cancel all his contact to the outside world n hv him locked up in a solitary confinement.

  22. StevenBoy :

    I will ask him to start blogging and stop killing. Once he knew nuffnang! He will know nothing is important than Nuffnang!

  23. DD :

    How do I stop a killer behind bars ?

    Get a job at prison cafeteria .. Every prisoners need food .. When it’s his/her turn to take the tray, put the poison onto the food … And bye bye killer..

  24. Dree :

    I will lock him in a cell along with a 24 hours surveillance camera in the room and keep showing him episode after episode of spongebobquarepants until he goes bonkers and start talking like Patrick

  25. aidura :

    In order to stop a killer who is already behind bars would be by hypnotizing him.Put him to his unconscious state of mind and get him to spill out every detail of his murder strategies. Make him tell who is his next victim or his already action taken planned. Because once you’re hypnotized,the chances of you telling lies are very rare. You do what the hypnotizer ask you to do, and answer what the hypnotizer ask you.

  26. aidura :

    wish me self good luck! hope i’m lucky enough this time to watch this awesome movie..i can feel it!

  27. yoei :

    He has been using the get out of jail free card.So just remove the card.

  28. Feeq :

    I will stop a killer who is already behind bars by let whole world know who is that person by put her face in The Satr & Tv3…

  29. kid141236 :

    how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    just kill him back….or just tell him:”dun kill pls~!”

  30. lisa717 :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    Nothing is greater than education and love. First, educating him the correct virtue and morale that he should has. Next, telling him that he still has the greatest love from God. No matter how bad others treated him, he needs to forgive them. The bad people will get their karma one day and he does not need to put so much effort to revenge.

  31. Alvin Chew :

    Counseling, pretty chicks, money or liqour will do the job… But the most important stuff will be plan well and strategies every movement! Let’s move forward and conquer the FEAR; conquer the passes too. XD

  32. Sam :

    In logical terms…

    I would put a strip jacket on him..
    lock him up in an underground remote cell with no windows..
    let robots or animals to feed him so there is no contact of any humans
    or best…just sentence him to death haha

  33. TianChad :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    I will stop a killer by sending the hypnotize professional to hypnotize him and order him to follow our instruction. Tell us how to stop the incident that might happen. Hypnotize can really works ;p

  34. JeffreySoon :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    I will find out how he start the killing, what’ his patttern, what’s his motive. And I will challenge him to a duel where he will killed and I will save every person he is killing until he is bored of it!!

  35. Cherlyzi :

    how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    I will set a trap and catch him to be jailed.

  36. LeeYiYong :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    I not really good with all these stuff, but i think I guess I will give him a chance of freedom, but that’s just a trap. Of course, I will have a whole team 24 hours watching his every move, every single call will be traced, and whoever he contact with will have a background check. This is to have the evidence of his plot killing those innocence person. After i gather enough proof, He will be punish by the law, and no body is above the law!!

  37. A-Lex :

    find out how he contact with the outside world, follow his contacts, decode any message given by the killer meanwhile pretend to be obedience so he wouldn’t notice anything fishy. thats should stop the murdering.

  38. renaelyng :

    I will stop a killer who is already behind bars by putting him in an induced comatose state and feed him through IV drips for the rest of his life.

  39. Jason :

    To stop him, either you put a few people beside him in the same cell, or release him, and follow him around. Maybe its easier to catch a killer on the outside than from the inside.

  40. Nikel :

    how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    stop him by using play game “O 2 SOM”. who winning one game who can move a step. play this until him cant afford to wait and moke him mad towards..

  41. Zenghoong :

    Since its illegal to kill a killer behind bars, the only easy option left is to drug the killer and put him into a coma. Then, his plan would be foiled and nobody gets hurt. It’s a win-win situation!

  42. Bernard Chung :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    It is not as simple as you think like hiring another killer just to stop the man that will give the city a run of its money and when lives are at stakes.

    First, we shall play a game of psychological. Disguise yourself and play the strategy well – keep up with the man who plans it all. If you failed, you are doomed!!

    Then, master mind a plan to bring him down. This is the hardest part but who knows, one may be enough to save the domino effects of the chain reactions and events.

    Third, be a killer yourself. Kill the master mind and all the plans will be foiled.

    Lastly, bring in the whole justice system. Use the system and you will see many options laid there in front of you!!

    So, how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars? Easy, I’ll wish you luck here.

  43. Valerie :

    How do I stop a murderer who’s ALREADY behind bars?

    Hah. Every criminal has a root cause which triggered their irrational behavior in the first place. Agree? It has to be something, a history, a traumatic incident or experience which one cannot live with. How do you stop this person? Send ’em for hell load of counseling! lols. See if we can help ’em get over his/her past, forgive, and move on. *peaceout*

  44. Jensen :

    The only way can stop the killer is knock the killer head until he amnesia so he can start over again.

  45. Yee Kean :

    How do I stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    Law & justice should be uphold & everyone is equal above the law. The killer should be paid for what he/she has done. Only dead people will stop everything.

  46. K.Jz :

    I’ll use my golden fingers to poke his eyes. See he can kill anyone without sight or not.

  47. sah90 :

    Shout as loud as I can “Freeze! you are under arrest!”

    p/s: Sure I’m the one get killed first..he3

  48. Jason :

    Put all his victims family members in the same cell with him for one day, and see if he stops.

  49. Samantha Chow :

    To stop a killer who is already behind bars, I will have to think one step ahead of him, and lock him up in a padded jail cell to ensure there’s no contact between him and the outside world.

  50. ZJ Soon :

    Isolate all the prisoners in an island like in ‘Death Race'(2008), and a tracking device on every prisoner like in ‘2Fast2Furious'(2003), hire someone like Michael Scofield and Alexander Mahone in ‘Prison Break’ as Head of Security, and implement Precrime system like ‘Minority Report'(2002)…
    There, I got all the pros to cover all the loop holes~

  51. hitomi :

    I will hire my surrogate to Kill him without me getting my butt into the jail

  52. Nicole aka MsXeRoZ :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    First, do a behavioural analysis on the killer, then understand his motives. Next, penetrate his minds, and identify what tool/medium he used to kill even though he is in jail. Once the tool/medium is identified, destroy his only means of conducting the murder. If possible, gather the evidence of the murder that linked to him and convict him of the murder and give him a death sentence. If it is a perfect crime, then get the authority to isolate him under a strict security act (example ISA), that allows no communication with others until he dies…

  53. Jackie Loi :

    How do I stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    I’ll request Nuffnang to make a WANTED list in Nuffnang blog and offer to Nuffnnagers some reward such as movie tickets for “Law Abiding Citizen” to stop the killer act.

  54. Alamfanacinta :

    how do i stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    Its simple as A,B,C…
    Just shoot him to dead..end of story..;p

  55. kelly :

    How do I stop a killer who is already behind bars? By asking the court to sentence instant death penalty on him lor! ;)

  56. April :

    I will try to go deep into the killer’s world and to analyze, manipulate, and banish the killer’s intention before next action being executed by the killer.

  57. taufulou :

    how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    by asking the guy Michael Scofield to lure him out~

  58. susan :

    Thats a tricky question. If law and bars cannot stop a killer, what else can we do? or maybe should i said who else can stop him then?

    1. Men In Black- erase his memory
    2. Alien- adopt him and make him a lab mice for experiments or making him the surrogate mother for alien kiddie.
    3. Predator- blast his whole head off?
    4. Transformers- Transform him into some kind of electrical appliance like a fridge maybe?
    5. Megan Fox- running with her hanging boobs and kill him when he is distracted
    6. Wolverine- cincang him to mince meat?
    7. Ghost from The Ring- climb out from the well and go into his cell to scare him to death
    8. James Kirk- throw him to another galaxy
    9. Austin Power- Suffocate him to death by using his chest hair
    10. Terminator- terminates him of course

    Come to think of it, its not so difficult to stop him isn’t it.

  59. Evon K. :

    I’ll say find an expert to hypnotize him and make him confess all murder cases he has convicted, records every word he said to use it as evidence and put him on the electric chair as soon as possible before another person gets hurt.

  60. kruel74 :

    To stop a killer behind bar, as a lawyer, I will fix the justice system one day at a time, show the proof to him that I have done all I can to fix it and ask him to stop his murdering rampage…

  61. Damien Ding :

    Buy him drinks till he’s drop dead drunk. After all, ain’t he behind BARs?

  62. Aaron Chew :

    Just give him a Kit Kat! Have a break from killing, Have a Kit Kat! Okay, that’s lame…

  63. Afra Yuri :

    I will be an undercover police and trap the killer. If the killer do not behave, I’ll give him hell.

  64. Azhar :

    how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    Wallawey..just hired someone inside the prison to kill him lol..simple as that..hassle free

  65. Quin :

    You don’t! At least, not in his case. If it were me, I’d want this injustice corrected too! Let’s face it, wouldn’t anyone? Albeit his ways seem immoral? LOL… Well, it is a movie after all. :D
    But if I really have to answer to the “HOW”, I’d say, you carry out his demands to the T. It’s obvious he has planned well (10 years!). So instead of being one step behind him all the way in his path of obliteration, slam him from the side where he’s not expecting it (yet).
    After all, bringing down the corrupt or unjust judicial system is a good thing! :p

  66. seenyin :

    How to stop!? The gun is on his hand. I can only pray that he may changes his mind~ We can’t change our destiny. Maybe he will walk out, he will be knocked down by car!!! Karma~~~~

  67. S&J :

    the best way to stop a killer who is already behind bars is to capture and torture him until he knows that how the victim feels when being kill.

  68. Isaac wong :

    Send him to Guantanamo Bay, interrogate him again.

  69. aidi-safuan :

    How do I stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    Im going to teach him about calculus,algebra,linear equation,differentiation,intergration,bla bla bla.then, he will kill himself in the prison.haha..

  70. liang :

    how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    i will throw him to the underground prison.. n make sure he can’t communicate with anyone.. no security guards are allowed to be inside the prison .. only guarding the door outside.. n those prison oni have one way in and out.. n the culprit will be punished based on the law that is written in the book by the PUNISHER!! LOL!!

  71. Kelvin Tan :

    The killer is obviously tired of living on his own and tired of the injustices around.
    Killing him would merely hasten his masterplan in ridding key figures of the trial.

    Therefore there are only two ways to prevent him from killing further:
    1) To outwit him by gaining insight on his pattern of murdering and predict what is going to happen next so that it could be prevented.
    But then, I believe a better choice or an ideal solution would be
    2) To give in to his demands of fixing the flawed justice system. Although a simple statement, yet a hard to do one. But everyone would surely love a world where there are no injustices. And instead of executing him or putting him behind bars for murder, simply set him free and put HIM in charge of changing the justice system into a better one.

  72. xjion89 :

    To stop a killer who is already behind bars, we have to think like him and then, we counter his “attack” from within! Yes, a double-identity agent will the remedy in this case! Sending a fake policeman into the prison and slowly gaining his trust would be the best way to find out his evil plot! Then, with the info obtained, the killer will be put behind more bars!!!!(^^)!!!!

  73. kenson :

    I will ask him “Why so serious?”. Don’t so serious, this is just a movie only.

  74. watiejalil :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    I will paralyze him so that he can’t move or walk. SO that he will never be able to kill anyone more..

  75. Sayapunyer :

    how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    well, all I have to do is.

    Give that man a macbook, wifi access, and teach him how to blogging..
    hahahaha XD.

    well, if that not gonna work..
    I’ll treat him if he start killing again I will throw him
    to the Amazon River, or worst to another prison that the warden are really evil

  76. Ooi Heng Li :

    Question: How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    Answer: By stripping off his ‘killer’ title and replace with ‘prisoner’ title..

  77. bryanlyt :

    provide him a laptop with counter strike or whatever game installed, so that he’ll kill virtually instead of reality…

    better right? lol…

  78. messi :

    Put some C4 on his body and send over to Guantanamo Bay.

  79. Johnson Yap :

    to stop a killer who is already behind bars, contact Tayangan Unggul Sdn Bhd and have ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ premiere shown in that prison. That will keep him/her busy…. for 108 mins.

    alternately, Nuffnang can sponsor him/her 2 tickets for the GSC MV premiere. (S)he will probably attend with his/her other partner. Then FRU will come in and spray chemical-laced water at them. An extra scene for the attendees. =D

  80. coco :

    Seduce first then kill !~*

  81. Kimberly Wan :

    I would cut off all communication with him and the outside world. By saying so I mean lock him in a cell with guards around 24/7, no speaking, no interaction, nothing. Just daily meals and water. His toilet can be on the far end of his cell. This way, he will not be able to kill others if he can’t do it himself and can’t get others to do it for him. =)

    Hope I get the tickets! Cheers!!

  82. kimhaur :

    just a kick to his shames and run away….I bet he is a normal guy that will feel really really damaged.

  83. Jessie Lem :

    To stop a killer who is already behind the bars, just shove him some pills down his throat everyday so that he will have diarrhea ! How to kill or even concentrate on plannings when you are on a ‘busy’ mode ? >:)

  84. Nigel Tee :

    how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    You stop a killer who is already behind bars by throwing him into Guantanamo Bay and crucifying him on the cross. No not in a holy way, but in a cruel way. That way, no matter how gruesome he is, the cross is more GRUESOME than him! CRUSH HIM!!!!

  85. TMBF :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars? Visit the bars around town, and if he’s behind one, arrest him laa.

  86. Grace Anding :

    I will torture him until he stop killing.

  87. Z0E :

    Hypnotize him to tell us how he’s doing it and stop it. Then convict him.

  88. Yatz :

    To stop a killer who is already behind bars, just cut his communication with outsiders, hang him upside down during the day and let him off during the night because no visitors are allowed during night and the hanging upside down part is to give him the long-term after effect.

  89. Mel :

    Send the ultimate justice fighter: Rorschach of the Watchmen to straighten out the killer behind bars. Remember, they’re not locked in there with him, he’s locked in there with them.

  90. Lee Yung Hui :

    how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars???

    I will bribe a prison officer, so that he can help me put in potion to his food, and let me in so that i can kill him (he will be weak after finishing his ‘potion’ meal, right?)v.v

  91. Daniel Goh :

    It’s Gerard Butler SEASON!….Where is Johnny Depp? and Hugh Jackman?

  92. engtaukia :

    this is about how we stop him, right?

    to stop this kind of killer, we need to be better than him by killing his target before he killed them, to make him feel tired of fail to kill !

  93. Kennee :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    Put him in a chair, strap him up, tap his eyelid so it doesn’t close. And screen him “Project Alpha, Uncovering Malaysia’s Top Bloggers” 24/7… XD

  94. simplyblatant :

    to stop a killer who’s already behind bars, you gotta get inside his head. to catch a killer, you gotta think like one. once you get inside his head, then you can mess with his head to do anything you want – you can make him stop killing, visit singapore, click more nuffnang ads, eat more pringles… the possibilities are endless..

  95. synical :

    Get Dr Hannibal Lecter in as his cellmate. I’m sure he’ll find him delicious :)

  96. JosephLee :

    how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    Lock him in a fully equipped room with full bullet proving walls , and give him no way of communication to the outside world and colour the whole room in pink and play him barbiedoll cartoons 24/7 . That’s the only entertainment he’s getting

  97. Kath :

    I will stop him from killing by feedin him with nasi lemak-s and roti canai-s, til be bacome to fat and lazy to kill

  98. Dylan :

    Question: How do you stop a killer behind bars?

    Answer: Get behind bars and kill the killer? DUH!

  99. TeikTai :

    How do I stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    I will ask Michael Scofield to Prison Break him out, then the question “how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars? ” is solved, because he is not behind bars, not my obligation to stop him anymore~

    = )

  100. Voon Pui San :

    Stop all outside communication from him..

    easy way out? KILL him.

  101. David :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    I would offer him by joining him while stopping and pursuing him while he’s start killing.
    If he still don’t , I would get all the evidence that what he’s done then report him.

  102. Kristine :

    To stop a killer who is already behind bars, first we should remove the bars. Let him go because it is hard to persuade anybody that a prisoner is able to do it from behind the bars. Let him kill in the open/public (but of course without letting him be able to kill), and then we can pretend he was “accidentally” shot while in combat. Thus killing him the process.

  103. Kristine :

    To stop a killer who is already behind bars, first we should remove the bars. Let him go because it is hard to persuade anybody that a prisoner is able to do it from behind the bars. Let him kill in the open/public (but of course without letting him be able to kill), and then we can pretend he was “accidentally” shot while in combat. Thus killing him in the process.

  104. Adrian Ung :

    Just give him a laptop, get him to start blogging, and Nuffnang would keep him so busy with all the invites that he wouldn’t have time for anything else, let alone killing.

  105. yapthomas :

    Simple… Get myself behind the bar and join the plot with him. If you can’t kill them, join them and then kill them from there.

  106. Amanda :

    how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    Well, it’s not an easy game to stop the killer behind bars as they do had a lot of time to planned and find out some “strange yet useful” strategies to let someone down. Therefore, they should have held lots of activities inside there for all people behind bars so that they participate in it and not let them have lots of time to think of how to kill another person out there.

  107. erikitoyushida :

    1) Search him for any Death Note.

    2) Death Note found!

    3) Hang him to death, Malaysian law.

  108. Julian :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?
    sent him to rehab till he say ‘yes yes yes’…

  109. denzerogent :

    Kill him!

  110. Joannnnnnnnnnnnnn :

    Killer kills because he is capable, and he has his reasons (revenge? way to express his discontentment?…)

    To stop him from killing, make him incapable. —> (Orang Kurang Upaya, OKU might be a nice title for him)

    Judging using utilitarian, kill him, or just more people will be killed.

  111. KSAboy :

    How would I stop a killer who is already behind bars eh?

    I would first get behind bars at the same place as him. I will then get closer to him, eventually becoming very good friends. I’ll con him that he will gain more pleasure in killing cockroaches and lizards (since i dare not go near them and want them to die anyway) than killing human beings. I’ll also tell him that it is more challenging to do so. If that works, he will be killing cockroaches and lizards instead of human beings! xD

    WAIT! Theres a plan B if he chickens out. I’ll just get all my inmates to laugh at him for having no guts. Everything is done, instead of killing people, that psycho killer will now convert into an emo little boy poking walls in the corner of his cell! =D

    All will be done in one day! How? I’ll share my techniques when I get invited ;D

  112. Ng Wan Nah :

    kill him is the best way because if he’s still alive, then he wouldn’t stop to kill either by himself or to hire a murderer.

  113. CWKen :

    Firstly, get a bunch of hot girls and get him high. Then, before while he is still high, get the girls out and put it a bunch of homosexual to harass him and give him helluva time and perhaps he would agree to stop killing and beg to be left alone instead LOL

  114. Lauren :

    I’d stop him by trying my best to fix the justice system :) That, is of course the reason he’s on his killing spree. He wants justice, and we should give it to him, or, if that’s impossible, i’d brainwash him, (: give him drugs or basically just try my best to provide him with euphoria! Get him to be happier and to lose all grudges against the world.


  115. Lee Pei Wen :

    Easy, hire a irresistible, smart, heartless and highly skilled female assassin to take him out.

  116. Liz :

    So, how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    Well unless he has the ability to voodoo people into killing themselves then obviously he has an accomplice on the outside. And the only way to stop that accomplice is by him telling who’s doing the job, what the next step or who the next victim will be.

    If I were a cop from this same flawed judicial system, I’ll probably use the same enhanced interrogation techniques that was permitted (or demanded) by Bush/Cheney administration like the “water boarding” (immobilizing the victim on his or her back with the head inclined downwards, and then pouring water over the face and into the breathing passages). This same method was used all the way back during the Vietnam War, Algerian War, World War II, 19th century prisons and even Colonial times. If all those people of those times failed and finally spilled the beans, I’m sure a hot-stuff like Gerard Butler would’ve given up at half that time.

    However, if all else fails, I’ll just strap him naked to a board (imagine Gerard Butler naked. Ohhh La La~~) and TICKLE him into submission!

  117. Jacquelyn :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    I would prepare him lots of scrumptious meals every day, with some undetectable poison in the meals perhaps, make him grow fatter and fatter, subsequently making his movements difficult in his attempts of killing people! After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach =p

  118. Simon Liew :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    First, trying to figure it out what possibility the killer will do.
    Second, trying to mind read the killer.
    Third, setting a trap and necessary prevention before the killer take any action.

  119. Syamsul :

    so easy…..give him advise how to earn the money with nuffnang with the laptop..and see it’ll work because he will be attract it….come come first and nuffnang will do it and stop the killer..

  120. Kwok Han Cheng :

    how do i stop a killer who is already behind bars?
    That’s just easy, tied him up, add more bars behind the bars and make his mouth shut. Tape it ;D

    Since he’s already behind the bars, why should we stop him? Its just like the cup of coffee is sweet enough, and yet you keep adding sugar.

  121. sheri :

    reverse phsycology

  122. Yao Bang :

    How do I stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    Give him back a perfect and lovely family members, he will stop all the killings and become back an upstanding family man. =)

  123. Von :

    how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    Well one way is distract him from thinking about killing. If that doesn’t work, the other way is to go by his way. For example this movie, Gerard Butler only wants justice, he wants the murderers to be punished. So I think the cops should apologize to him and ask him what can they do to make it up so that he will feel better and not always thinking of revenging.

  124. Geogy :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    Well, I would say:”Hey bro, have a break, have a kitkat!” After that, I’m sure he would ask for more and soon give up to kill anymore.

  125. Denise :

    I would hire The Atom to sneak into his cell and put him into a straitjacket while he’s sleeping. If he manages to get out of the straitjacket, I would tell The Atom to tickle him until he promises to stop the killings.

  126. Friedbeef :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?
    Make sure he’s behind the CORRECT SIDE of the bars :)

  127. Zhi Shan :

    just sentence the killer to death to stop the killings? No mastermind no killings.

  128. Priscilla Wong :

    Firstly leh,I think we should complain to the prison department ,bars are too old school already.
    Of course just bars won’t stop him la. XD
    We can add a metal door instead. Or better add electric charge to the bars!
    Or better. Put him in front of the bars and the victim behind bars instead. Like some witness protection program but this will be protecting the victim instead hahaha

  129. Avril :

    Give him a lobotomy. Make him forget his family (to ease the pain), forget who he is, and start all over again.

    In the end, isn’t everyone happy?

  130. Spectre :

    How stop a killer who is already behind bars? Well , I don’t. I order teh tarik and roti canai while waiting for the ending to unfold by itself in time…..

  131. Sebastian Ng :

    You burn down the prison.

  132. Chin Ann :

    how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    Play a reverse mind game with him, making him feel confuse, worry and give up.

  133. Kylie L :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    I will create an antigen with mutated viruses in it and inject the antigen to his body to mutate all his cells to become malignant transformed cells and this will shut him down as a killer =O

  134. nadia :

    well, find his accomplishes,put them and their accomplishes behind bars or kill them and voila ! ;))) Mission accomplished.

  135. khaiven :

    1st, I’ll hire someone to kill him, then I’ll steal his body from the mortuary, then I’ll feed his body to the maggots, then I’ll put those maggots in a box, then I’ll put that box in a bigger box, then I’ll mail that box to me, then I’ll take the biggest hammer that I can put my hands on, then SMASH BOOM BANG goes the box, and then I’ll leave what’s left of that box to other maggots to eat!

  136. Joo :

    To stop a killer who already is behind bars doesn’t necessary mean we should kill him. Everyone has a reason to do something, right? Maybe he’s just friendless! So I’ll be nice and talk to him (if he doesn’t listen to me, then I’ll lure him!) and then psycho him to stop killing.

    Hopefully it works! Who knows. Deep inside he might have a soft spot even for little tiny animals. :) Or else I’ll just get the judge to sentence him to death.. (Oh well. I tried, anyway.)

  137. Kenny Choo :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    Lol it’s obvious… just kill him! LOL

  138. Jeremy :

    Every men is stress about 3 things which are:
    1: Money
    2: Love
    3: Life

    how to stop a killer who is already behind bars: Get him enough money to spend, introduce him a few women for him to pick and stay with for life and provide him with a house and car for a good life?

  139. Jess :

    To stop a killer who is already behind bar, the only way is to to give him a chance and re-educate him. Trying my best to stop him from being a killer and if that fails, I will appeal to the court to give discharge without acquittal to him. So therefore I will put a bait and make sure this time around when he is caught, he will be facing death penalty!

  140. Charlene :

    To stop a killer who is already behind the bar, i would get Bill Gates to sponsor all his expenses throughout his entire life, free sports cars for him to change from time to time, and last but not least, Megan Fox to melt his heart!

  141. lion :

    To stop a killer who is already behind bars? Maybe putting behind the bars ain’t enough, colour the bar walls with all the Pikachu, Mickey Mouse, Doraemon, then change all his shirt with SpounchBob SquarePants’s faces on it. This will surely brainwash him nicely to a good kid and listen to everything you say!

  142. Ching Soo Khoon :

    Get Hiro (from Heroes) to travel back to the past to save his family. Save the Family, Save the World!

  143. Ann-Marie :

    First, I’ll conduct a psychological analysis and get into the killers mind as to why he even murdered in the first place.

    Then, I would install a super computer in the killer’s cell. Then register in Facebook, Twitter and make a blog for him/her. Everyday this person is to spend at least 6 hours in front of the computer.

    This will induce addiction in the killer and therefore, replace his current obsession which is murder.

    At the same time, using the psychological analysis results, screen all games/applications/websites and avoid anything that may induce or trigger rage or murder in the killer.

    :D Am I brilliant or what? LMAO

  144. Kimberley Chong :

    Since it’s all about the Law Abiding Citizen, let there be no law for the killer to abide. Re-structure the system and make constant changes to it so the hunter will always be one step ahead of the hunted[killer].

    OR you could just place Katherine Heighl in the movie to teach him to face the Ugly Truth that his family is gone and life goes on. =)

  145. denzerogent :

    If jail couldn’t lock him up, put him in my blogspot! He’ll stuck there FOREVER!

  146. Melisa :

    To stop a killer who is already behind bars, by hypnotizing the killer. Or consult the killer. Or even just kill him so he wouldn’t kill anymore. Or even try to kill the killer’s family just to make him tell the truth and stop it.

  147. Melisa :

    To stop a killer who is already behind bars, by hypnotizing the killer. Or consult the killer. Or even just kill him so he wouldn’t kill anymore. Or even try to kill the killer’s family just to make him tell the truth and stop it.

  148. shyneze :

    isolate him to the moon…hehe…

  149. watie :

    just kill him lor!hiks

  150. MuhD NoR AzyM :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?
    Well, a few solution that I can find:
    1. Gather all the persons that have been communicate with him in the prisson. Isolated them in a different place far from the others. If the killing stops, they are the real murderer.

    2. From the latest case, try to caught the suspect. From there, interrogate him until we know who is the killer “hand”.

    Err..sound serious huh? I’m just a student who likes reading Detective Conan..hehe

  151. Sam Vun :

    I would ask him to star in law abiding citizen 2. Hopefully the glamour, fame and of course, money will help keep his mind off killing people. ;)

  152. kak ina kl :

    make sure that person died in electric chair or if he out, people can kill him without being judge..

  153. Daniel Tan :

    Dear Nuffnang,

    As per your request on my consultation for ‘Stopping a killer who is behind bars’, I have managed to come up with a solution that will only take very few steps:

    1. Install surveillance equipments in his cell (with both visual and audio feedback) at a very high ceiling which is impossible to reach.

    2. Cut off any form of communication by having a single-path, single-direction conveyor feeding system that only allows food in transparent bio-degradable plastic bags to be passed into the cell, and no plate/cups/utensils will be provided together.

    3. Move the prisoner from cell room to cell room at a random period, in a random manner, by a random prison guard, using random paths. This will ensure that the prisoner’s external contact will have no access/communication to the prisoner… at least a delayed one.

    4. Refuse any form of human contact with the prisoner… ANY FORM, as anyone could be an accomplice to him.

    These steps aforementioned are not hard to implement, but to make sure that the implementation is successful, you need to let me watch this movie to understand the situation, so that I can provide a better consultation on how to prevent this killer from killing behind bars.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Daniel Tan.

  154. Bruce Lee :

    How do I stop the killer?

    1. Separate all inmates into individual cells to prevent inmates from seeing each other.
    2. Suspected killer should be put into 24 hour surveillance within a close proximity.
    3. No sharp instruments like fork and spoon shall be given to inmates. Use their hands to eat.
    4. Go undercover inside the jail to get close with every inmates and investigate who is the killer.

  155. Kenny Liang :

    how do i stop a killer who is behind the bars? give him rubber ducky and ask him to sit quietly, if he refuse? i’ll make him into the rubber duck’s toy..

  156. Samantha Sik :

    I will mix the drinks with a powerful put-to-death function into the drink and drink it (keep it in my mouth) and have a hot make out with the killer behind the bars. Noone will discover his death till the seventh day he died but his body will disappear in the midst piece by piece
    *Sounds gross,eww.. but who cares at least I have stopped a murder case to be happenned,it’s good deed between, karma ((:*

  157. Jason :

    Take him out of jail. Therefore, he’ll become a killer NOT behind bars, therefore solving the case of how to stop a killer behind bars. ;D.

  158. geNe :

    Fulfill all his request, and deal with him after he stop his havoc.

  159. zirwan :

    stopping him by using WWW ..use women,wealth and course he will addict with this www and forget about killing..=P

  160. Jason Low :

    how do i stop a killer that is behind bars?? press the stop button! =D

    juz kidding. Built more bars to prevent him from running away XD

  161. Daniel Lee :

    I’d say; they’ll need to trace back every source of history about him, what’s he done and what he’s capable of. In the meantime, just keep feeding him trash.. =P

  162. Hvey Jci :

    Let him escape and direct him the way i want.
    At the same time, have a suicide volunteer play Moonlight Sonata with a piano on a hanging platform.
    When that convict gets nearer, he will hear the faint music and at the right timing, DOWN COMES CRASHING THE PIANO ON HIM.

  163. Daniel Lee :

    Yet in all seriousness though, the law system and investigations needs to be way more efficient and accurate then the law enforcement system. It needs to be as good as engineering. Maybe make a law engineering system? =P

  164. goingkookies :

    It would seem that Gerald Butler character has already planned the murderers before hand hence, he’s able to kill from within his jail. So, there’s no point going to jail to torture/kill him plus he’s family has been murdered, meaning that you can’t threaten/torture him as he has nothing left to lose.

    The only way is to show him that what he is doing to Jamie Foxx’s family and the other victims are similar to what the murderer did to his family. That he is no different if he doesn’t stop and the only thing to do then is to pray that he sees the light! =p

  165. Justin Wong :

    As a law abiding citizen to stop the killer behind the bars by simply let the court do the justice and punished him according to law. As we are not the judge and shall never interfere with our legal system. And we are not god as well to decide a person destiny. I believe the good will get good return, the bad will get bad consequences. I just need to make sure he is punished accordingly and adequately as to make sure there is no miscarriage of justice.

  166. Joseph Chandrasekaram :

    I would send the killer into solitary confinement in a different maximum security prison. A new prison without any access to other inmates will be able to stop the him. The records also should not show that he has been transferred out.

  167. denzerogent :

    Maybe should try putting me behind bars too, so that I can kick his ass and shut him down!

  168. Faqroul Afiq :

    “if you cant beat them, join them”

    then, slowly become the black sheep in his gang. foil all his masterplan. make it looked accidental. until he is fed up. he’ll be good one day

  169. Tracey :

    I will put him in a chemically induced coma, so that we can save some of our taxpayers’ money and oh yea, stop him from killing people, duh~

  170. Alice Phua :

    I’ll get a hypnotherapist to do hypnotherapy on him, first to uncover how he does it even though he is already behind bars, second, to get him to reveal what he has already planned that is about to take place and lastly to reprogramme his mind to let go off his scarred memory over his brutally murdered wife and daughter.

  171. saliza Mohamed :

    The only way the criminal can still work behind bars is through his mind. Stop his mind, and that’s the only way to stop him when he is already behind bars

  172. mkhafiz :

    i will bring his mom to visits him. How stronger u are,u’ll be beaten by a tears from your mom.

  173. JustJasmine :

    Tie the killer and electrify the killer non-stop without killing him. Let him feel the pain without dying, yeah!

  174. JM :

    If I’m truly certain he’s guilty, snuff him with a bullet that leaves no forensic trail – an ice bullet.

  175. Azhar :

    i know,i know,i know…just kill him lorrrrr..simple as 1 2 3

  176. Che :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    Its easy. strapped him to a chair like what they did to a mental patient or make him wear the strapped uniform, put him in a confinement cell which accessible only by few selected, trusted member of the prison guard, which under a direct command of the warden, and none of the cellmate knows bout him being there. The prison guard may speaks among each other using specail codes so that no one could try to figure out where and who they are.

    His cell has to be build to block any radio communication with the other party. He will not allowed to access any books, fed upon plastic utensil and don’t get to see any visitors.He get to be at the courtyard but only by himself. eventually, he cant do anything at all much, but enough to go on with his life there.

  177. Quin :

    I will put the killer OUTSIDE the bar. thus, he will lose his interest to kill coz it will no longer be challenging.

  178. meihsuanC :

    To stop a killer who is already behind bars, I would make sure that he or she has no connection whatsoever with the outside world and will be under tight scrutiny; be guarded 24/7.

  179. hikaru :

    To stop a murderer who is already behind bars, first we need to analyse the cause of his murdering. In this case, he’s bitter about his family’s death and the flawed justice system. So in order to prevent him from murdering, we have to find a time machine and ship him to the past before his family’s death. At the same time, capture the murderer of his family, ship him to the future and lock him up in the cell. This way, no one gets killed!

  180. denzerogent :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars? Simple! Hire a killer to kill the killer who is behind bars!

  181. @ir_ConD :

    Depending on what kind of bars he’s ‘behind’..
    if he’s behind monkey bars, you’ll have to swing into action like your friendly neighborhood Spidey,
    if he’s behind drinking bars, you’ll have to get him drunk for him to confess,
    if he’s behind Karaoke bars, you’ll have to call for “Singh” to get him! (Singh is King)


    if he’s behind Kit-Kat bars, you’ll definitely need to “have a break!” =)

  182. Alex Chee :

    How can i stop a man whose already behind bars?

    simple, lock him away with more locks and tighter security. Allow no one to have contact with him. Only officer in-charge could observe him through the security camera.

  183. Byzura Razali :

    How do I stop a killer who is already behind bars?
    If i can caught him,I wouldnt send him to the jail cell.
    For what reason? Wasting money to feeds him/her day & nite….tak kuasa!
    Hang him to death!!!Habis cerite…..

  184. copykate :

    one way to stop a murderer who is already behind bars from killing is to hire a shrink for counselling sessions and convince him to get over the idea of killing. otherwise, just hypnotise him and make him testify in the court room. the evidences are more than sufficient to sentence him to death. after all, that’s the best way to prevent his further actions.

  185. Leon Lui :

    how will i stop a killer behind bars?

    that’s not too tricky isnt it? if the killer is deemed to be so dangerous that he could kill someone behind bar. we should appeal to the judge to sentence him death. and everyone will be happy..=D.
    if that’s not enough, just strap him up like those in the mental hospital..XD.

  186. denzerogent :

    How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars? The best way to stop a killer is by using drugs to get full control of him.

  187. khaisim :

    Hello! =D

    Hmmm. To stop a killer who is already behind bars… if I were to kill him in order to stop him, it would make me guilty and charged for murder too. Sooo, I would just hire a psychologist to perform a Pendulum Dowsing Numerology, swing the pendulum in front of the killer, make him sleep and change his psychological wants to kill.

    Hah! Pro eh? xD

    Thanks Nuffnang! =D


  188. gjoy :

    How do i stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    Just terminate the killer character in this movie..

  189. Alex Chee :

    How would I stop a man which already behind bars?

    tighten the cell’s security as like prevent contacts with the outside world and set up security cameras which watches the cell 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. That should do the job of stopping him.

  190. WC :

    I’ll bring him to an island without human being, let him to survive alone. There will be a house with TV that keep showing all the scenes of his killing process,so that he will reflect back those people killed by him everyday. The rest of his life will be lonely and accompany by what he did previously.

  191. ohmerah :

    hoho..i want to watch that!

  192. huixin :

    Build a time machine, freeze and rewind the whole scene, call some police (waiting for those murderers in the house ). Then press play. If gerard and the police doesnt believe there would be murderers coming, i’ll bring them to see the future. After everything, i’ll say, im just a sidekick nuffnang blogger who knew this would happen.

  193. Reena :

    Kill him. Duh!

  194. k-wei :

    how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    put laxatives in his daily meals, make sure he purge to his glory = death !! lols =P

    first time trying my luck here,hoping to win something..Thanks Nuffnang =)

  195. Benjamin :

    how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars

    To stop a killer behind bars you should first make him suffer through all the pain he caused to others and if all should not work just put him on the electric chair. (Isn’t that easy? :p)

  196. akubas :

    That’s a tricky question. He already punished by the law even before he commit the crime. To stop him, we should punish the real culprit. For the punishment he endured, he should be able to receive compensation. A real big fat check. That’s might not be all, he should not suffer for what he had, This person should be gratefully rewarded with anythings that seems reasonable and feasible enough.

  197. Sheng Wang :

    how do you stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    This people are normally sick or have mental problem. That is the reason counseling would help to retune the brain. That is what I would do to Stop a Killer who is already behind bars.

  198. Evon K. :

    I will stop a killer who is already behind bars by forcing him to take lots of alcohol everyday so that he will be too drunk to do anything else and go straight to his slumberland =)

  199. toribird :

    Just give him a limited edition “adult” magazines !!

  200. Foo Kar Kien :

    I would give in to his demands to fix the flawed justice system which is so similar to that of Malaysia. There are many good people in jail and many criminals on the streets because of corrupted politicians and police officers. It is no wonder people take law into their own hands, it’s the fault of the government these things happen.

  201. Loo :

    easy… I’ll ask the director to change the storyline. Hence no more killing. :D

  202. financekick :

    wow..i hope i can watch it.

  203. Amanda :

    I would stop a killer who is already behind bars by putting a super hot female police who is pretending to be a convict into his cell to “take care” of him.. He’ll be distracted, and when he is, she’ll finish him off by killing him!!

  204. Samantha S. :

    To stop a killer behind the bar, we need to let them know that they can change and have a second chance, influencing them back to the right track and stop killing eventually.

  205. Tony Wan :

    How do i stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    This time, is a bit difficult. Looks like I have to ask the help from Boss Stewie, Mr Timothy Tiah, to have a counseling session with him.

    With the friendly smile and inspiring speeches of Mr Timothy, I’m sure that the killer will get himself involved in the life of blogging!

    And as a glitterati member of Nuffnang, I’m sure that he will have time blogging and earning money until have no time to kill LOL

    I think Mr Timothy can do it. Don’t you?

  206. Bryan Khoo :

    Well… its easy… ask nuffnang to teach him how to go blogging… so he will indulge himself in blogging in the prison till forget he want to kill someone. If that cant work… Malaysia ISA will do… cause the detainees will never see day light again.

  207. Justin Wong :

    How do i stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    Get him a new job! Because killer job is to kill. If want to stop him from killing, offer him new job like spy or something. Well anytime he could apply job in Nuffnang to be an exclusive VIP blogger and blog about his experience on how to kill people effectively and efficiently.And definitely he can make money from blogging ! Well I hope the readers don’t follow his technique, because clearly he has failed as he is now behind the bar!

  208. denzerogent :

    How do i stop a killer who is already behind bars?

    Total isolation from human being should be able to stop him! May even drive him nuts! In the end, the killer will kill himself…. happy ending… :)

  209. sah90 :

    Dear nuffnang..
    I already got your invitation to the Premiere of Law Abiding Citizen.
    I don’t think I can go there..
    I’m in Sarawak..
    But the venue are at KL aren’t they?

    P/s: There is no different if I got the invitation or not..
    Still I can’t go there..HUaaaaaaa…
    So, the best thing to do is to let it go..
    and Give the other nuffnanger chance to see it..
    Sayonara …huhuhu..

  210. Karen :

    everybody got their invitation already izit?

  211. Feeq :

    not yet

  212. hellioz :

    let the cia and fbi special agent take good care of them

  213. bean moreno :

    just send another killer or hitman to kill him…

  214. YobSumo :

    look so best-lah!

  215. Esteban Parrilla :

    Wasn’t he involved in a bizarre shooting incident?

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