Love To Save : Being Charitable to the Needy

There are a lot of things that keep us busy these days especially in the current economy climate. We strive to do our best in our jobs and to keep up in the rat race. However, no matter how busy we are, we’re still compassionate. We still care for people who are in need. Take for example the recent case of the stray dogs of Pulau Ketam and you’d know that all of us bloggers are a caring bunch.


That’s why Nuffnang would like to share with you today a charity campaign by our estemeed client, DiGi – Love to Save. All it takes is a single click from your mouse and DiGi will donate RM5 to a charity organization of your choice. It doesn’t matter which mobile network you’re using as long as you’re sincere in extending help for charity, DiGi will help the charity organization of your choice.

There are 14 Charity Organizations, divided into 3 major categories that you can choose to help;

(I) Nature (4):
1. SPCA Selangor
2. Malaysian Nature Society
3. Borneo Conservation Trust
4. Global Environment Centre

(II) Medical (5):
1. National Kidney Foundation (NKF)
2. IJN Foundation
3. Hospis Malaysia
4. Malaysian AIDS Foundation
5. MAKNA (Majlis Kanser Nasional)

(III) “Social” (5)
1. National Council for the Blind Malaysia
2. Malaysian Council for Child Welfare
3. Women’s Aid Organization
4. National Council of Senior Citizens Organisations Malaysia
5. Persatuan Kebajikan HOPE worldwide Kuala Lumpur

How you can help;
– Go to and register online.
– Choose your charity of choice.
– Click to donate and DiGi will contribute RM5 to your charity of choice (this is DiGi’s money- not your money)
– Each registered user is only allowed to click/vote for one (1) charity
– To raise more funds for your charity of choice, refer friends to check out the site and donate.
– You can choose to support a particular charity by voting as an Individual or raise more money for your favorite charity by creating a Group and getting your friends and family to support through you.
– All Groups created will appear on the website, under Love Bank.

The campaign is ongoing and will end on the 30th of June 2009. Spread the word to your friends and let’s all make the world a better place by being charitable. All it takes is a click from your mouse. ;)

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Sean :

    did that..

  2. sue me :

    I did my part already :) and it’s good that DiGi is doing it because I can’t afford to donate so much. Lol :)

    Kudos to DiGi and NN!!

  3. xjion89 :

    ooo, i clicked oredy(^^)!!!!!!
    Yellow hearts for the need~~~

  4. Tallboyz :

    Yesterday just posted bout it!

  5. SamSeiko :

    Yes i’ve done it too….Along with few of my friends joining this

    Support charity!

  6. Jackie Loi :

    yosh support SPCA! =D

  7. Lim Ooi Yuan :

    hehe..voted for National Kidney Foundation(NKF)…

  8. xiaobibu :

    I’ve posted bout it and I choose to donate for SPCA :D

  9. julia d bubbles :

    did my part as well! ;)

    lets care for other~

  10. 031 :

    this is nice…

  11. zuraida :

    Agreed…good effort should be supported all the way…..posted it in my blog too!!!!!

  12. Elaine :

    I did that tooo…..Can do multiple times so can donate more???? :)

  13. Richie :

    me too!

  14. vvens :

    did it! :) voted for hospis malaysia

  15. Faizal :

    Already done that on the 2nd, my CareBear@Makna group manage to collect RM 30 until yesterday… ok lah tu at least something. Last night the site bandwidth exceeded or something, that prove how charitable malaysian are…

  16. MissMY :

    i had posted it in my blog too.. i think within 30 days can reach the amount =D

  17. szehau :

    Support it

  18. Audrey :

    Click to support NKF!


    Click to give your love to other charities!

    Still wondering? C’mon, just CLICK!

  19. dosz :

    already done my part… anyway i post up that thing oso… hope my readers wud support it too… you?

  20. maverick :

    me too here.. VOTE for HOPE Worldwide @

  21. Joshualaw :

    I clicked!!! Save the world! Save our Mother Earth!!!

  22. Serge Norguard :

    My story:

    Vote :

  23. azzamoro :

    I’ve done it for IJN..:)

  24. Adrian Foo :

    I have done my part towards MAKNA! Hassle-free. Just few clicks and I get to do charity.

  25. misztake :

    already post about it..

  26. EugeNEW :


    E TO SAVE at

  27. maverick :


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