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It’s not very difficult to start a blog these days. The last time we checked, we have bloggers who are children as young as 8 years old to grandparents as old as 80. Sure, people do know blogging is all about expressing ourselves, but do you know that you’re held responsible for what you blog and get sued or sometimes facing the threat of being sentenced to spend years in jail?

It is however, understandable that not every blogger is well versed with the law, and therefore don’t know their rights and liabilities. I’m quite sure some of us might have pondered over the following questions;

– Is it against the law when I link to other blogs?
– What should I do if someone claims that I have infringed his or her copyrights?
– Do I have rights to ask someone to remove the link to my blog?
– Can I use pictures found in other websites or google images?
– If I found out others have defamed me in their blogs, what should I do?

To shed light to our pondering, Nuffnang is proud to be an online partner of the upcoming eLawyer Law Conference 2009, themed “Blogging and Law”. Details of the upcoming conference as follow;

Theme: Blogging and Law
Date: 14 March 2009
Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm
Fees: F.O.C.
Venue: Auditorium Tun Mohd Suffian, UM Law Faculty
Co-Organiser: Law Society of University of Malaya

Topic 1: Blogging & Intellectual Property Law in Malaysia (By Mr. Foong Cheng Leong, KL Lawyer & Blogger)

You will learn about:
1. Is it against the law when I link to other blogs?
2. What should I do if someone claims that I have infringed his or her copyrights?
3. Do I have rights to ask someone to remove the link to my blog?
4. Can I use pictures found in other websites or google images?
And many more…

Topic 2: Blogging & Defamation Law in Malaysia (By Mr. Nizam Bashir, Malacca Lawyer & Blogger)

You will learn about:
1. What amount to defamatory statement?
2. What should I do if someone claims that the content of my blog defames him?
3. If I have found out others have defamed me in their blog, what shall I do?
4. What are the remedies available for defamation action?
And many more…

Registration: The admission to this conference is FREE. However, please R.S.V.P by sending your details (Name, Tel, Email, Occupation and Organisation) to on or before 10 March 2009

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We’re quite sure many of you who are reading are interested to learn from this conference. So make haste to reserve your seats before the entire auditorium is filled!

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. joshuatly :

    this is super interesting!
    I will going to attend this!

  2. saimatkong :

    yup this is good. already sent the email =)

  3. Calvyn :

    this is a very interesting topic, I wish my self able to attend, but too far for me just to travel there for the conference.

  4. joshuaongys :


  5. VanitySierra :

    Hmm.. Very interesting

  6. Aaron :

    Wow. I didnt know blogging has its laws.
    Sounds interesting. =3

  7. Z0E :

    Awesome idea!

  8. samlzx :

    Well, this topic is sure useful to us who blogs… but too bad the venue doesn’t suit me =(

  9. Val :

    this is great! especially after all we hear in the news and papers about radical bloggers who fail to respect the freedom of speech and spreading of information.

    rock on, nuffnang!

  10. Axtended Kitchen :

    What about those who cannot make it but have interest with the discussion? Can Nuffnang record the discussion and make it available somewhere online i.e. Nuffnang’site

  11. Ld" :

    these laws are essential to be known before or when we start blogging…

    good job NuffNang.. you care us… =)

  12. Earl Grey :

    even link blog might go against law? oh~~ new thing…but too bad,i’m in penang… Thanks Nuffnang for ur initiatives.appreciate it XD

  13. jan geirnaert :

    looks very interesting. will attend.

  14. VanitySierra :

    Just sent the email. Weird that the deadline on the post and in the poster is different (7 March and 10th March). Hmmm

  15. Grace :

    so there’s actually a law for blogging :D

    didn’t know until I see this :]

  16. Serge Norguard :

    mind providing to us a map ? i have no idea where the place is

  17. DanielCtw :

    I shall be going for it, since it’s in UM

  18. mtsen :

    too bad the time is not right for me, hope someone will post something in uTube … opps, wait …. is that legal ? :)

  19. Cecelia Tan :

    Useful, I will attend it.

    Thanks for the organising the event.

  20. Becklee :

    Thanks for inviting us to this conference, it will be helpful for all bloggers.

  21. Zil-el-Saif :

    the copycats should attend this conference!

  22. MohdHafizKamal :

    Very useful. I will not miss it. There are some suggestion to record the event, make it for all bloggers ….but yet again… that legal?

  23. Angel :

    Very interesting.. Wished I could join but I’m in Penang T.T

  24. keyden :

    good effort to educate bloggers! : )

  25. tra :

    i will make sure that im free on that day… very interested event… tq nuffnang….
    juz near me…

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  27. Yumie :

    This is interesting! I would love to attend, but for it to be in KL only is frustrating. D:

  28. The Lawyer :

    Nice Site.I will be visiting more often as you have done a good job.

  29. Ruz :

    I wish i could go.
    Anyhow, i believe a lot or nuffnangers will be there.
    It would be very beneficial if those who went could share with the rest who couldn’t make it.
    Hope many would share. =)


  30. DNAS :

    Can I publish this on my blog and paste the poster there, too? I hope it’s legal.

  31. Eddie Law :

    Thank you for your support.

    The conference is a success and there were about 200 participants. Many questions were asked by bloggers and answered by the speakers during the conference.

    eLawyer has video recorded the 2 full speeches (including Q & A session) with powerpoint slide presentation.

    For those who missed the conference, you may buy the DVD at RM25/copy (including shipment to Klang Valley area) by sending your name, address, mobile and email to with the title “DVD Order”. We shall contact you upon receiving your order.

  32. Lean Darwin :

    Hiya, sorry to ask this here but… I really love your theme, would it happen to be a free one i can download somewhere, or is it a custom theme you had made? Soon i will be launching my own blog, however i’m not great with designs but i do like the style of your site so it would be excellent if i could find (or buy) something with a similar look as my last designer cannot finish my site. :) Thanks!

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  34. eLawyer :

    As some of the Penang bloggers wished.

    We are organising a bloggers and law forum in Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang campus on 27 June 2009.

    please see details here

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