Nuffnang Sharing Session – Italiannies, The Gardens

Nuffnang Sharing Session is back!!!

And this time we’ll be sharing our laughter, joy and thoughts to the delights of Italiannies at The Gardens, Midvalley with one of Malaysia’s well known food blogger, KYSpeaks.


Well known as a food enthusiast, he gives wonderful reviews of food and restaurant that he patronized and his readers tend to have quite the impression of his self drawn ‘map’ for all his food reviews. This time we’re bringing one of the top food bloggers to the Nuffnang Sharing Session to share his experience in food tasting, reviewing and many other experiences that he might have encountered on his journey to become such a successful food blogger.In addition, Italiannies will also be introducing their new menu to this Sharing Session which will be ‘Bowls of Pasta’.


Yes, there will be lots and lots of of pasta in bowls, up to 10 different types for you to choose from and you will be among the first to try out and review the latest item in their menu. That’s also why we are bringing in KY as well to ensure that you’ll be given the proper guidance on food review should you need it.But that’s not all in the menu for this Sharing Session, do refer to the banner below for detailed information.


As we only have 20 pax to give out for this Sharing Session, please write in an email to with the subject ‘Bowls of Pasta, I Want it Fasta’ containing details such as your full name and your blog URL. Priority will be given to Glitterati members who write in first.

As always, you can look forward for a session filled with joy, laughter and an experience with other bloggers you’ll never forget. So, what are you waiting for? Start writing in now.

Update: All invitations have already been sent out to the selected bloggers. Do check your email and reply to confirm your attendance or else your invitation will be passed to others.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. ahlost :

    Ggrrr.. I wish I can join but I’ll be leaving KL on the 10th :(

  2. KY :

    See you guys there! :D

  3. superwilson :

    I’m not gonna miss this one this time around!

  4. stephanie k :

    how amazing it is .. to have pasta in a bowl with fellow nuffnangers
    not to mentioned .. ky the eater himself .. tahahhaa~
    cant wait cant wait .. fasta fasta!!!

  5. Nigel :

    Make it happen!

  6. Debra Fong :

    : ) : ) : )

  7. Eric Lim :

    Me wanna go!
    Hello all bloggerss

    *hopefully this comment reaches the comment box*

  8. maRCus :

    food… glorious food!! XD

  9. Koh Khai Ching :

    i wanna go…purty please……i miss the food there hehe

  10. Big Boys Oven :

    I want to be there too!

  11. bryanlyt :

    i wanna go this time! 12th november is my last day of finals! (=

  12. saimatkong :

    hope to be there and enjoy the night.

  13. Angelina Ha How Ting :

    I want to go :D

    Hope I will be one of the 20 lucky bloggers :)

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  15. Phuah Zheng Dhong :

    i wanna go!! PASTA PASTA! cheeseeee! XD

    Full name: Phuah Zheng Dhong
    Blog URL:

    Oh, please i wanna go … XD

  16. k-tuck :

    i wrote in already! hopefully i get it

  17. chee hong :

    oooiiii…..KY ….me and my bro must see you do ur ‘live’ blogging lohhh…

  18. hitomi :

    haha…I have submitted my post. but don’t know will get it or not…
    Wondering~~(non gliterrati member)

  19. Mikemmery :

    How wonderful would it be if we can enjoy the Pasta with a pint of GUINNESS® Draught… heaven!

  20. Eric Lim :

    how do we know we got the seat? will they send an email?

  21. mia :

    ermmm t want go to

  22. Jeffro :

    I wonder when only will get the reply ya?

  23. megatrashid :

    ok good

  24. sayming :

    I want to go!!! I am a food lover!!! =)

  25. justin_5 :


  26. k-tuck :

    how do we know if we got it anot??? 5 more days till the event and we havent received our invitations yet?? weird o.O….

    unless i din get it :(

  27. asmidos :

    new pasta?

  28. mayXD :

    thanks nuffnang for the wonderful dinner, and thanks to the people who went for the fantastic company :)
    drop by my blog sometime..
    facebook me!

    toodles :D

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  30. Koh Khai Ching :

    good food, good company, nice place….what more could I ask for?! More please hehe

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  34. akuzle ayu :

    huhuhuh… i’m always out-of-the train 1….huhuhuhuhu

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