Nuffnang 1st Birthday Bash a.k.a. Pajama Party

Incoming mails to request for invitations to the Nuffnang Birthday Bash a.k.a. Pajama Party never stopped till the day itself. Invited guests and bloggers came as early as 5.45 p.m. as they can’t contain their excitement to party in their pajamas.

Registration for our party was not the same like any other. We had Nuffies taking care of the registration booth. Who are Nuffies you ask?

A policewoman, French maid and nurse taking care of your needs during registration. The policewoman was there to ensure that no one misbehave while registering, the French maid to keep things tidy and the nurse to take care of anyone who’s feeling a little under the weather. Some of the bloggers who misbehaved was literally spanked by the policewoman. Of course, the presence of such wonderful caretakers won’t go without noted by bloggers who wasted no time to take pictures with them.

A Pajama Party would be meaningless if there’s no one wearing Pajama right? We used to think that Malaysians are a little conservative in taking part in costume parties. But we were DEAD wrong.

These guys were literally yawning all the way into the party with their pajamas. By passers who see them would definitely think they’re heading to bed.Not only were people coming in with the regular pajamas, some even came with the local flavor! Kain songket!

Okay, everyone was trying to look their best in their sleeping outfit. Accessory was mandatory! There were so many cuddly toys all over the place that at times we thought we were organizing a kindergarten outing.

Pajama checked. Cuddly toy/Bantal bucuk checked. Is there anymore accessory to the sleeping outfit? Oh wait, what are you wearing on your feet?

Oh wait a second. I thought this was a Pajama Party. How come Optimus Prime showed up?

Over 300 bloggers from all over Malaysia and Singapore attended our Pajama Party last night. Among them are our homeboy, Kenny Sia.

Then we have celebrity bloggers from Singapore, Dawn Yang and XiaXue.

Nuffnang Pajama Party would definitely be impossible without the support from Chipster who’s the title sponsor for the entire event. Thus, those who were partying with us last night did not have to worry of running out of Chipsters as there were aplenty.

Once all our guests have arrived, our party kicked off. All eyes were on Ming and Tim.

Ming and Tim took turns to welcome everyone who was there. When the microphone was passed to Tim, he had his hands full as his other hand is holding on to his bantal bucuk.

After the speech, Liang, our emcee conducted an ice-breaker game for the party to help bloggers from Malaysia and Singapore get to know each other better. Winners of the game were given prizes. At one point, there was a tie between two lads. And when it’s a tie between 2 men, it’s only fair that a competition of physical strength should be next. They had to outdo the other by doing push-ups with a Nuffie on their back.

After the ice breaking session, dinner was served. Bloggers and our invited guests helped themselves with the generous amount of food served by Borneo Baruk Club.

People were definitely enjoying themselves in the party as we caught them cheerfully dancing around the line of the buffet table.

The entire night was filled with games with attractive prizes to be won. Some of the things that participants had to do to win prizes were thumb wrestling,..

.. and imitating a pose from one of the finalists of Malaysian Dream Girl

We gave out the prizes to our winners who wrote the post themed “I Sleep Better With Chipster” on the night as well. David Lian won the Quirkiest Post award and landed on a brand new Nintendo Wii for his creativity in making a pajama out of Chipster packs.

Valerie from Singapore won an iPod Touch for having the best pajama in her blog post. All hail the Chipster Girl!

The grand prize winner was Johnathan from Penang who won an Apple Macbook for having the most number of actual Chipster packs in one photo. The number of Chipster packs he used for that photo was 400! A well deserved win.

It was a night of rewards for everyone as the Nuffnang staffs got something for the two bosses, Ming and Tim. Brand new underwears! And due to the pressure from the emcee and the floor, they had to put them on right away!

Panasonic gave out Lumix Cameras as prizes to the winners of the ‘Lumix Bidding Game’. The high bidders were the champion thumb wrestlers.

Kenny Sia stepped in as well to pose and promote the Lumix Cameras. Among his favorite pose – Furong Jie Jie‘s Pose.

It was a night of joy and laughter for most of us. The party would not have been possible without Su Ann a.k.a. Pinkpau as she was the Event Coordinator for the party. We thank her from the bottom of our heart for helping us organize such a grand event.

We would also like to thank Chipster, for being our title sponsor, Borneo Baruk Club for providing us the venue, Panasonic, Tune Hotels and Kid Chan Studio for being our official photographer for the event. Not forgetting the bloggers and advertisers from Malaysia and Singapore who have gave tremendous support to Nuffnang, without all of you, we would not be where we are today. Thank you very much.Happy Birthday Nuffnang!

Here are some videos from some of our bloggers wishing Nuffnang a Happy Birthday. We hope you would enjoy it as much as we did.

If you’re looking for pictures of our Nuffnang Pajama Party to put on your blog, please click here. Credits to Kid Chan Studio, our Official Photographer for the night.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. sue me :

    I heart Nuffnang..cant wait for the next birthday bash already. :)
    Nuffnang rocks!!

  2. electronicfly :

    but but but, we did finish all the chipsters, and wanted more!

    great stuff, thanks all!


  3. Yatz :

    OMG am I the 1st one?? har har har..the party was ass-kickingly awesome wtf..

    Tim and Ming, great partnership..and to Su Ann, great job as the organiser..

  4. curryegg :

    It was a wonderful party and thank to all Nuffnang staff for bringing us joys and happiness! And chipster! Muahaha… ;D

  5. yinhao :

    Looks like my slippers attracted more people than myself D:

  6. hauyon :


  7. Kar Mern :

    It sure was a splendid party!
    Happy birthday nuffnang ! ;)

  8. Hwei Ming :

    Wonderful party!! Hope there is nuffnang birthday everyday!!

  9. darren :

    Ya… We really enjoyed last night!!!

  10. Shaun :

    Nuffnang Pajama Party roXx!
    =] had lotsa fun. heh

  11. KY :

    Lumix = BEST!

  12. tysern :

    WAH, DIE LARR, my friend must be laughing the shit outta me right now, i am the one in the china-pek purple pajamas.

    To pose like that, ROFLMAO, ppl must think i have gone nuts in my brain.


  13. agustus :

    Good One Nuffnang! Every sense of the word, One.

    It was an awesome first aniversary! Every blogger turned up as one huge happy family as you turned one.

    Thanks KidChan for the brilliant photos! Especially for the sarong party boys shot, the fourth picture. I’m in the middle with the safe plain white tee and bermuda; boring, I know. Didn’t expect everyone to be so enthusiastic and outrageously creative. That’s why I left my boxers in the car.

    And thanks Nuffnang for the fantastic party and also this after-party post. Happy Birthday! God bless.

  14. hui wen :

    Hahaha, why do I look like I was constipating in the first picture!

  15. Julian :

    Hi and thanks for the free beer :) Nice to meet you

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  17. julian :

    I enjoyed it too, and thanks for the beer :) When’s the next party??

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  19. SilverIsle :

    Didn’t get to join this year, am away in the land down under. =(

    But I’m sure there will be more and more anniversaries to be celebrated! Weeeee…

  20. pinkpau :

    w00t! this post rocks! thank you robb!

  21. GeliTifa :

    why is it such a bad timing for me that I couldn’t make it…? really feel so so so depressed not being able to attend… sob sob… please hold another event soon? real soon? can’t wait…

  22. lisan :

    thanks nuffnang. haha. i didnt win nuts but it was fun. :)

  23. Robb :

    Thanks Su Ann for the compliment. :)

  24. Angel Toh :

    Hey… but actually why when we went there to register ourselves… we were asked whether we’re single or available??? They said it’s for a game… but I dun think there was any game that categorized us into single or not single right..

  25. chongx :

    i love the party :) great stuff!!WE WANT MORE!

  26. Simon Seow :

    Now I see why you rarely update your own blog Robb. Thank you Nuffnang for this party. Arigatou gozaimasu. Nandri. Kamsahamida. Xie xie. Graci. Kam sia. Terima kasih. Doh Cheh.

  27. .kitty :

    happy bday nuffnang!! ;)

  28. doink :

    great party … my eyes were wide open despite not feeling so well….

    looking forward for more birthday parties to come ;)

  29. Jeff Lim :

    I missed it… Just joined 3 weeks ago. 2 days after you guys had the Pyjamas party. I read about it on “The Star” features, checked out this site, then only joined… Was using ADSENSE before I join. How delighted am I after knowing that I can join both Adsense and Nuffnang (no conflict)!

  30. Jeff Lim :

    Oops, not “joined 3 weeks ago”… joined few days after the Pyjamas Party…

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  32. Plus Size Pajamas :

    I’ve been reading for some time your blog and wanted to to mention I love your style and the opinions you share here. Thank you ;)

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