Nuffnang Founders in BusinessWeek’s Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs in Asia

Dear Nuffnangers,

BusinessWeek Magazine is one of the most prestigious and highly regarded magazine in the world read by business leaders from across the continents. Every year, Businessweek releases an issue of Asia’s Top Young Entrepreneurs which feature successful entrepreneurs that create waves in their respective industries all over Asia from India to China to Japan.


This year, BusinessWeek once again short-listed a list of the Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs in Asia and both Nuffnang founders Cheo Ming Shen and Timothy Tiah have had the privilege of being included in the list.


Quoting Businessweek:

This year, BusinessWeek’s annual report on Asian entrepreneurship features 25 finalists for the title of Best Young Entrepreneur in Asia. BusinessWeek readers nominated candidates and the magazine’s editors and reporters in Asia suggested names, too. We then narrowed down our list to 25 people whom we feel best represent the creativity and energy that’s now increasingly common among startups across the region. Readers can see profiles of the top 25 and vote for their favorite here.


To view the BusinessWeek slideshow of the Top 25 click here.

Michelle Teh
Nuffnang Community Team
  1. Jayce :

    Congratulation to Cheo Ming Shen and Timothy Tiah.
    Keep it up o… :)

  2. phing :

    congrats !

  3. kah-kah-kah :

    Not bad hah…Congrats… all the best. We definitely will voting for you.

  4. kah-kah-kah :

    With a lot of blogger backing you up, surely both of you can kick most of the contender.

  5. Criz Lai :

    Cool…congrats to Timothy Tiah & Cheo Ming Shen. Keep up the good work guys. We will be here to support you guys always :)

  6. Kuzco :

    Well done =)

  7. cHrIstInA_YY :

    congratz!!!!!!! Malaysia boleh =P

  8. Hyms :

    congratulation to you all.

  9. colbert low :

    congrats from me too

  10. Daren :

    Woo Hoo!! Congrats Tim & Ming Shen!! :) Awesome job you guys have done! :) Keep it up!

  11. pelf :

    Congrats, peeps! You guys deserve it :)

  12. may :

    Congrats :)

  13. lasilasi :

    omg! that’s such a great news man! *starts to wonder whether it is possible for me to be an entrepreneur….*

  14. Dave :

    Keep up the good stuff guys!
    Stick true to your roots and you will never go wrong.
    Congratulations Nuffnang!!!

  15. Kss :

    Congrats! Nuffnang deserves it.

  16. Danny Foo :

    Congrats to Tim an Ming.

    I never expected it to move so fast but definetely you guys are on turbo now. :P

  17. N :

    Congrats Tim! All the best for the better….

  18. emily ting :


    the one in the middle with black background so lengchai his pics~

    you guys should get studio shoot too~ hehehe~

    ps: studio shoot make you guys look more leng chai and yeng oh~ (not to say you guys are ugly… but…. its just…. the appearance…. more appealing) hahaha~

  19. Chua :

    this is wat we call Malaysia Boleh!
    dun wan those “the longest la”, “the tallest la” or “the biggest”


  20. bibliobibuli :

    very well done!

  21. Hariadi :


  22. KY :


  23. FeR :

    congratulations for making it!

  24. doink :

    gulp … I knew the founders of Nuffnang were young ..but not THAT young ! its a compliment guys. ;)

    congratulations for being in the list …its an honor to represent Malaysia !

  25. Kitkat :

    Congratulations Boss! Any good high pay advertisers for me? :)

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  27. Chen :

    congats :)

  28. Fahmishah :


  29. danielctw :

    you guys made a big impact. Congrats both Boss Stewie and Ming :)

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  31. idiodanut :

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